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First Look: Acer Aspire Switch 11 switches from laptop to tablet

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First Look: Acer Aspire Switch 11 switches from laptop to tablet

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CNET's switch hitter Seamus Byrne meets the Acer Aspire Switch 11, a laptop that detaches to become a tablet.

[MUSIC] I'm Seamus Byrne for CNET and we're here at the Acer booth. Acer has decided that they switched ranges so good they're turning it up to 11. This year they've released the switch 11. This is an 11.6 inch version of the previous switch ten. Also in much higher spec options this time around. You can get the Switch 11 in a, an Intel Atom powered option, which is a bit like the switch 10 option so far. But they're also offering options including Intel Core I5 processing. 128 gigs of hard drive space. As well as, you know, a much more serious performance machine for something that's running, Windows 8.1. Now being a switch, the whole idea is the two in one convertible format. This means that the screen lifts off very simply. And then you can snap it back on in the alternate direction. And to do presentation mode, or to just do it the normal way for laptop, or straight take it off and use it as a tablet. So it's quite a little versatile machine, they've also included things like MicroHDMI, a micro SD slot, and, just a few other basic ports, including USB 3.0 on the higher specced model. This is also a full HD display, so it's really a quite nice specced machine. The pricing is going to start at US 399, and in Europe at, Euro 399, we are still waiting on other final price confirmations. Beyond that. but, it's a nice little machine, given the price. And hopefully, we'll hear more about this when we get to test it out soon. I'm Seamus Byrne for CNET, here at Efad 2014. [MUSIC]

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