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Looking for a new TV? Between 4K Ultra HD, OLED, LED, Smart TV and more, making the right choice can be harder than ever. This is where you'll see our most highly recommended models, no matter what the technology or screen size. No matter what your budget, you should find something here to suit your needs.

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LG 55EC930T

The LG 55EC9300 lives up to the promise of OLED with the best picture quality of any TV we've ever reviewed.

Price: $1,949.00 Check prices

4 stars Excellent

LG EG9600

The incredibly expensive OLED-powered LG EG960T series delivers the best picture quality we've ever tested.

4 stars Excellent

Samsung UNJU7100 series

The Samsung UAJU7000 delivers the same high level of picture quality as some more expensive models, and beats most competitors for style and features.

3.5 stars Very good

Samsung UNJS8500 series

The Samsung UAJS8000 SUHD TV has a very good picture for an edge-lit LED LCD, but not good enough to justify the price.

3.5 stars Very good

Samsung UNF8000

Samsung has produced a killer flagship series that combines elegant design, a superb panel and great smart TV features, albeit at a price.

5 stars Spectacular Samsung Series 8 55-inch F8000