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Apple launches new generation of iPod MP3 players

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Philips Hue Lux: Not as colorful, but just as smart

Who needs hues? Philips' new smart LED sticks with white light.

2 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Immedia bets on budget security with new Blink system

The Blink Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System takes issue with traditional power-cord-dependent Wi-Fi cameras.

2 days ago

Archos' ill-conceived Smart Home Starter Pack falls short

Archos' Smart Home Starter Pack seems like a great deal, but arbitrary design choices left us scratching our heads.

8 days ago
2 stars Mediocre

iDevices' Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer Mini goes the distance

iDevices' Bluetooth-enabled Kitchen Thermometer Mini lets you know that your food is finished from up to 150 feet away.

11 days ago
3.5 stars Very good

iDevices' smart Kitchen Thermometer excels at cooking to temp

iDevices' $80 Kitchen Thermometer tracks the temperature of your food and sends you push notifications when it reaches its target.

12 days ago
4 stars Excellent

LineCook provides a hands-off approach to prepackaged preparation.

A new oven technology from GE's FirstBuild factory will allow you to scan barcodes of prepackaged foods to automatically set cooking times and temperatures.

15 days ago

A trimmed-down look for the old food disposer (hands-on)

GE's FirstBuild factory is rethinking a classic. Its new kitchen sink disposer will be smaller and promises to be more efficient and safer with the help of clever design.

16 days ago

A drawer-style oven door makes its debut at FirstBuild

Streamline your cooking routine with this reconstructed GE electric double oven range.

16 days ago

FirstBuild's auto-fill water pitcher won't overflow

GE's newly-launched FirstBuild microfactory is already hard-at-work. First up, an auto-fill Smart Pitcher for hands-free water filling.

17 days ago
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