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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 136: Bionic reconstruction, a real armored Batsuit and more
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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 136: Bionic reconstruction, a real armored Batsuit and more

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On today's show, we talk about three Austrian men who volunteered to have their hands amputated for science, a Philadelphia student's truly armored Batsuit, and a robot that will write handwritten notes for you.

On today's show, three men volunteer to have their hands chopped off. For science. Someone made an actual functioning bat armor suit. A real suit, not a costume. Ooh. And also, you can now have a robot write your handwritten notes for you. And your cursive is probably terrible. [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the internet, welcome to Tomorrow Daily the best geek talk show in the known universe. I'm your co-host Ashley Esqueda. Joining me as always, Khail Anonymous. I'm ready to talk about that Bat Suit. I'm ready. I always wanted one of those as a kid and as a grown kid. You looked so horrified when I originally said about the three guys who volunteered to have their hands amputated. So I. I promise you that this is a story of hope and goodness. Dismemberment is my least favorite thing in the whole world. There's. Just even a thought. Even a joke. I promise it was for a good cause. Okay. So, before Khail gets really sad, let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] Okay, so there's these three Austrian guys. Nope. Eyes Nope. No. Just stay with me on this. Okay, fine. Three guys in Austria who have brachial plexus injury. So, there's a nerve that runs underneath your armpit all the way down your arm. Uh-huh. And, if you have injury to your brachial plexus, if you have a brachial plexus injury you have a lot of problems using your hands. So, these, these three guys. Had really poorly functioning hands. Like they were not able to use their hand in a way that was useful. I mean it was just, it was really hard for them to use their hand. So as you're seeing in this video what they chose to do was to have their hands amputated and and replaced with bionic hands. That's way cooler, yeah. They're, they're bionic now. So but before they actually got these these robot hands, they had to go through a few things. And this is part of you're seeing like when they have two hands right next to each other? It's part of their training. So they actually had to go through a bunch of cognitive training. They had to, so the process of this is they had muscle and nerve transplanted from their thigh into their arms and then they had to basically train their brains to use those muscles again and then also connect those nerves and, and connect it to their hand. So then that way, it's like, you're teaching your brain that that's the muscle you need to move to, like, do a specific task with your hand, right? Yeah. So then, when that was finished, when they were done with that training, they went through the amputation, they healed for a few weeks and then they got fitted with these prosthetics that enable them to do some pretty incredible stuff that you're seeing right here. They, these are advanced robotic prosthetics. Ninety days after the amputation which I'm guessing is what you're seeing right here, all three men could pick up small objects like, like coins. They could pour water into jugs, use a key, cut food, unfasten buttons. And every single one of them, all three of them said it was much. Much better and much more than what they could do with their original hand. How long did this whole process take? Well, I mean, just from the surgery from the amputation to the, to the, like, to the point where they were in that video was like, 90 days. So it wasn't, it wasn't a long time. Wow. But I would imagine the, cuz it's a process. Cuz you had to have the surgery to transplant the muscle in your arm. And the nerves and then you had to do go through all that cognitive training, where basically like you could see they have the hand right next to their actual arm before the amputation. Yeah. Teaching their mind how to control the arm before it was attached to them. Like how weird is that. [INAUDIBLE] He got his hand cut off. See Alex, see he, he's teaching, there, it's cognitive training. So you're teaching your brain how to use that hand while you still have a hand before it gets amputated. That's fantastic. Isn't that cool? Yeah. It's just so neat and so I just thought that was so amazing and they're saying that like this is going to be sort of the future of. You know bionic kind of limbs, like these are bionic men now they're, officially bionic, which is pretty cool. That's hot. Yeah, pretty good. All right. So see, it's an uplifting story. Yeah it was pretty good, still thinking about the dismemberment, but that's okay. All right so, out there there's a guy who likes Batman just a little bit more than me. Okay. I am frightened by that. His name is Jackson Gordon and he is a design student, an industrial design student who decided to make his own Bat suit. Okay. Having Cos-Played before. Did you say Cos-Play? Cos-Play. Having Cos-Played before he decided he wanted to be in the actual Bat Suit, functioning working Bat Suit. Like Armor. Straight up working armor. Yep. Armor. The exact thing. Wow. Okay, here we go. All right. So here he is. All right, He's just getting punched right now. Yeah, so, this thing, yeah, look, see, it's durable. He's actually Batman, short Batman, but still. He's a little Batman. Yeah, little short Batman, he funded the ac, actual making of the suit through Kickstarter and finished it. He's stabbing him. Yeah and he finished it in time for Cat-Su-Con. Cat-Su-Con. Okay. So I mean he was the best Batman there. Oh clearly. He actually can get stabbed and stuff. It weighs 25 lbs with the helmet weighing three lbs all by itself. That seems heavy. Yeah look this guy is actually punching him. He looks like a boxer, this guy, punching him. Yeah. So, yeah, so it says, he, he, says it doesn't feel like 25 pounds when you're wearing it. Okay. Yeah, you can go and check out his Facebook page, which is the Artemis Facebook page to learn more about it and see, more concept and construction pages. What. [LAUGH] He's just getting punched. I know, he's actually just being bullied in this video. And yeah. Yeah, basically, he's just, yeah, someone's just punching him in the arms and stuff. That's amazing. Yeah it's pretty cool that he, he went the extra mile he could probably get hired by the government to make these like a bunch of batsuits for a bunch of. You kind of yeah I want to see yeah just a whole army of bat men. Stop fighting. [LAUGH] Do you think it's kind of awesome that his last name's [UNKNOWN]. I didn't put that together. Maybe he's gonna be police commissioner someday is all I'm saying. Yeah. Just putting that out there. Or maybe that's his fake identity. I don't know. Ooh, that could be it. Yeah. Could be. I like it. Alright. Alright. So there you go! He, he, he went from cosplay to stepping it up. I like that. It's a motivational story, anyone can beat Batman. Taking it to the next level. You don't have to be a millionaire playboy whose parents are dead. You just need Kickstarter, you need other people to give you some money. Maybe his parents are dead too. I mean I hate that. Aw, way to bring the room down anonymous. All right, I'm gonna talk about chopping off people's hands. That ended happily though. Yeah, you better have a happy story for this next one. It's kind of weird, so there's a service out there called Bond. Hello, Bond. But unfortunately, this is not. Look at the stupid [UNKNOWN] there, Bond. Robot Bond. Ha ha ha! Listen, you. Listen, you. But it's not a secret agent. It's not a secret agent robot. It doesn't, doesn't spy on people. I was expecting it to be like a spy camera. No, it's a service that is. It's a robot hand that's like used as a maker bot 3D printer. But instead of actually like 3D printing, it uses MakerBot and a MontBlanc pen. Mont Blanc. A very expensive pen. To hand write notes, hand write letters to people. So this is very odd. You can go over to, and. You can, or you can use the Bond app, there's an app as well. And you can compose your letter or note. So you can write up your little message there and then you pick your stationary, you enter the name and address of your recipient. It mails it out to them. It's like three bucks. To do these handwritten notes. There are there are all kinds of things I'm sure. There's lots of people out there who have either. Like one of the things is a lot of kids they don't learn cursive anymore. There's no, that's not like a class. You don't learn that in school anymore. Yeah that's weird. So the art of handwriting is sort of being lost. To technology which I think is really interesting that they are sort of finding a way to sort of keep that in the fold without actually like having a person do it. Yeah that's crazy. We can afford stuff now. They're automating, this is a very interesting process for me. There are five right now, five different kinds of handwriting that you can choose from. And some of them look like really big and. Do you remember in the 1990's where like, girls are really into having like that really weird like, kind of, blockyish, like, handwriting that was all very big and bubbly? Mm-hm. So, they have one that's similar to that, they have one though that is my favorite which is a Nikola Tesla handwriting, and it's like this beautiful like, real quick like, cursive. From the 1800s, it looks very old timey. I love that, yeah. I really dig that. And you can actually pay this service more money. So here's all this stationery and stuff. We took some video of what using the website actually looks like. I like the octopus stationery. Yeah, of course. But if you want it to actually use your own handwriting. Yes. You can pay Bond 200 bucks. Huh. And then you can work with them to have it import your actual handwriting, you fill out this like intake form, send it over to them, and then they create a font, based on your own handwriting. The Kahle font? You could make your own Kahle font. Yeah. And for $500 if you're, like, living in the New York area, and you absolutely hate your handwriting and you think to yourself, like, gosh my handwriting is so much garbage that I. need professional help. You can pay 500 bucks and go to the bond offices, and an expert, a handwriting expert will help you have better handwriting. Well, that's a nice bonus I guess, yeah. And then, and then you can import then your improved handwriting into bond. Oh, ok. Alright. Right on. But yeah, I thought that was really kinda weird and interesting. And it is kinda true that like as we go forward in technology we're kind of losing these sort of. Things that are kind of art. Yeah. Calligraphy handwriting things that, that are kinda becoming lost to the masses. You're seeing people specialize in it, but not nearly, you know, somebody just writing in cursive. You just never see that anymore. So now you have a robot do it for you. There you go. Isn't it lunch time? I mean, we. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I usually don't take it in the middle of the show, but I. We could today. I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna take a lunch time. I don't think you eat. No, I don't eat. They don't let me out, I'm gonna take a. I'm gonna take a lunch break. Okay. I'm gonna think up some other great [UNKNOWN]. We'll be right back with, with. A round of intuit. And of course user feedback, which I'll explain. And then our phone tower for the day. So don't click away. Tomorrow daily. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Welcome back. Oh there you are. That. That I saw it on the monitor. That looked like a really exciting lunch in which you got nothing in your mouth and all over your shirt. Yeah, that's, so how do you eat lunch? I think we all eat lunch very differently. So anyway. Yeah, that's But at the end, you got a little hose off there. Yeah, yeah. Good as new. Good as new. So how is that even possible? Ok, so this. This is the How are you not covered in stuff? Yeah, alright. Let's Let's stop pretending. All tight. This is we wanted to show off the Threadsmiths shirt. This is a self-proclaimed, you can't stain this shirt. Stain-free. Yeah, stain-free. So basically a, anything you get on it, we sampled out. Coffee, ketchup, some noodle stuff. Chow mein. Chow mein. Practically anything, and it'll, it'll just come right up. It just beads up and just slides right off. That is pretty interesting, and they, they sent us one of these shirts and asked us to try it out, and we've been. Kind of trying to figure out exactly how to do it, where we weren't just throwing kale in a kiddie pool and literally pouring things on him like jerks. So we figured you know. I was really excited to try this out. I really was. Yeah, and so And then you guys were, there was no doubt who was going to wear this Yeah And get stuff thrown all over them. I think what the what They're like we got this shirt and just put it right now White t-shirt for me? Not a good look. So I thought this was really interesting. It's actually a hundred percent cotton. The shirt is a hundred percent- Yeah cotton. It feels like a normal shirt. Like that's what's crazy is every time I, like I met some people in the brake room, like while I was getting coffee, and I was like Ima spill this on me. They were like oh, you know. Is it heavy is it thick? I'm not even trying to like this isn't me selling it. This is me reviewing it. It feels like a normal shirt. Yeah. It feels pretty legit. It's fine. Like everything's cool. So on [UNKNOWN] website it says that it has a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt. If you're watching the video right now, they're like pouring a bunch of stuff on the shirt. The one thing about this shirt that I have to say, is that, that, this really only works with water based products. Yeah, see you look at it, you look at it, sliding around, sliding right off. This coffee just slid right off. Pour it off. They'll add a little water to it and then the rest of it will just kind of pour off. It's pretty interesting. So like you said, water based so no like oily stuff. Right. Yeah. You can't pour olive oil all over yourself. And also to a certain extent you can't soak in water. Like even when we did soak it on water it came off pretty quickly. I feel like it dried really quickly but- But they did red wine. Yeah. But this- But you can just, like, splash water and get off what you, whatever you had on there. Right. And I thought that was pretty interesting and so thank you Threadsmiths for sending the shirt over for us to test out. Kind of, kind of, future, futuristic clothes. Maybe we'll- I. I wish all my shirts were made of this stuff. Same [INAUDIBLE] on all my clothes. Yeah I'm such a messy eater. I dig that. Like the prize, yeah I usually can't eat with clothes on, I just take them all off. Yeah. But just as an FYI the shirts if you are interested I think they. Think they're like around 55 bucks, 50 bucks, something like that. And does it only come in white? For right now white. But they have it in, I think they have it in black as well. Oh, okay. They have white and black, and then they have mens and womens. So if you are a lady out there and wanna get one of these, but don't want just a boxy guy's shirt, they actually have like. T-shirts. So there you go. And they're 55 [INAUDIBLE] and they're in Australia. So I'm sad that we were, but we didn't get to ask Maude if she knows them because Australia is such a small. Plays. She'll be like I don't know. That was a really, I I can't move my face as much as she can. No she is the master of moving her face around. Yeah. She has lots of expression. Yeah four million faces. She does. I love her. So okay, let's get you out of that shirt and into something. And like because you just poured a bunch of food on it. Yeah it, you know, because it was so many different varieties I can still kind of smell it. Yeah. So. It's my fault. Okay. So let's figure that out and we'll do let's get into it. Do you feel better? It's, you. It's still the same. Well, you smell better. I smell better. You smell better. Yeah, well no, I don't smell much better than person, but yeah. You don't smell like noodles and coffee and apple juice and 100 other different things. Yeah. So it's time for Into It. Khail, what are you into this week? Oh my god, everyone. Should be into this this week. It's this Power Rangers gritty, short film that came out it's, it's violent. Everyone is talking about it. It's like rated R, it's like not safe for work, but it is incredible. It looks like it was, it could be an actual film, it's, it references the the whole series perfectly, it's just, it's such a great. If this is the kind of stuff the Internet was made for, and what's great is it stars James van der Beek and Katee Sackhoff, James van der Beek of course is Dawson from Dawson's Creek. The Beek. And and Katee Sackhoff is Starbuck from. Battlestar Galactica. Battlestar Galactica. There's incredible not only special effects, there's incredible fights, there's there's violence. Drug use, and it's, it's unbelievable. It's crazy. You may have to search kinda hard to find the non-safe for work one. By the way, this done by Adi Shankar, who I know for some reason. I couldn't figure out how. He's he was the producer on like, things like Dred. Oh, okay. And The Gray. So he's got, he's got a good pedigree. But back to being able to find this, you may have a hard time finding this cuz Saban, the creators. Of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Probably didn't like that. Didn't like it very much, and have been struck, and struck it down on Vimeo, there's still a version a safe for work version on YouTube, but you need to find that not safe for work version. It's pretty good. We couldn't eve show it to you here. Yeah. Logan had to cut it out, and it was like aw, aw. Yeah. And we got an edited version. [INAUDIBLE] just all about This is a family show But it is unbelievable. If you haven't already, if you haven't already heard about it, it's because you don't have ears. If you are adult, Yeah, if you are an adult, and you have the internet, which you do because you are watching this, you should definitely go and watch it. It's really, really cool. It's pretty gritty. Out of ten? Out of ten? Ten out of ten. I would say, oh yeah, like nine and a half out of ten. IGN ten out of ten I'd say [CROSSTALK] nine and a half just because they were using guns. Logan and I agree that there should've been like other blasters or, cuz of the Power Rangers don't use guns. Uh-huh, this is more of that, that geek, th, that over like opinionated geek stuff. And see I Give them a break. It's a knit pick, 9.5, still good. It is. It was the robot army. Okay, fair enough. << You think they're just gonna like, because look, They gotta fight the robot army with their own There's, there's robots, and then there's humans. And the other humans are using guns, too. So what are they gonna do, run up to them? Fair enough. Okay. Fair enough. Okay. And that was the Reddit argument of the day. That was the Reddit, our Reddit discussion of the day. Ok that's true. What are you into? I am into Final Fantasy 14 The Realm Reborn. So if you're not familiar with Final Fantasy 14, it's an MMO that was actually pretty much scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up in like a couple years, because the original launch was so bad. And they actually tied in rebuilding the game into an in game event called the calamity, and then relaunched the game, and it's much, much better now. I think they realized they have to start integrating things from Final Fantasy that we recognize. Things that we like. But this week, they, they just dropped the 2.5 patch, and this is my favorite part of the 2.5 patch, is that it has one of my favorite things in Final Fantasy history. The Gold Saucer. You can now visit the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV, it's just the way I remember it except it's a lot more high resolution nad not everyone is made of weird Popeye arms like in Final Fantasy VII. But you can do all the cool minigames and stuff that you remember and even more. Aw, look at the cactuar. It looks so amazing. So you can now go to the gold saucer. You can do all sorts of little minigames. You can, you can chocobo race, which was a thing in Final Fantasy VII. Like, okay, guys I have to explain this to you. I played Final Fantasy VII as the first Japanese RPG I ever played. And it was really the game. That got me back into gaming after I had kinda fallen off after like, Sega. Mm-hm. So I got back into gaming. I got my PlayStation. That was the reason I got a PlayStation, was Final Fantasy VII, cuz everyone was talking about it. I spent at least. My save file, if I recall correctly, had about 215 hours played in Final Fantasy VII. Because I was really into Chocobo breeding because I wanted to have Gold Chocobos. So I'd go get my Knights of the Round, run across the ocean, get my Knights of the Round. And you had to race chocobos, you had to breed chocobos, to be able to get that stupid materia. Yeah. And I did it. And I bought both the weapons and I did all the things, I was a very big completionist with that game. And so, for me, this is, like, super exciting and the chocobo racing looks so fun. They have like the little track and everything. You're like riding the chocobo down and you like have to play against other players. And then they're also adding in something from Final Fantasy VIII which a lot of people liked, which is Triple Triad the card game. Oh yeah. They're adding. They added in Triple Triad. Oh! I was so bad at Triple Triad. Me too. I was terrible at it. You can walk into so there's chocobo racing. Oh it looks fantastic. It looks so fun. And it looks gorgeous. The game is just really stunning. It looks beautiful. There's some weird stuff going on with like choices that Square Enix in developing this game and I'm not sure why but. That's neither here nor there. Can you explain to me. Like, cuz it's an MMO. Is it like monthly. Cuz I, I haven't actually looked into this game at all. I So you buy the game. I've fallen off the Final Fantasy wagon since what? X-2. I did too. X-2 was the last one I played. I didn't play Lightning. I heard that was at XIII. But lightening return. But, so it's like, I think it was 30 bucks for the game itself. Yeah. And then it's a $15 dollar a month subscription. So it's a little expensive. Yeah! But, but I will say this. They do give you a 30 day free trial Uh-huh. where you can get the demo, download it, the full game-- > Yeah. You can play it for 30 days, and then if you decide you wanna continue with it, you can, and if not, no big deal. So, at least they do that where it's not gated, where they say oh you can only go to level 15, or, or, oh, this is the end of the demo, like you finished these quests. Here, here's the view I'd like to know. You are, you are, a MML player by heart. I am. If your not an MMO player would I be interested in this? Cuz I'm and RPG, I like RPG's, but I'm not an MMO guy, I've got other things to do. I think. Not a lot of things to do, but still. Yeah, I was gonna say, I think if you're not really deep into, if you don't, you have to either really love Final Fantasy or really love MMO. MMOs. I really like Final Fantasy but not since ten two. I would try it because there's a lot of references and cool things. And then of course the art is really good. The, the graphics are, I mean stunning. The game is really gorgeous. The. Was 12 the one about the real time fights? Yes. I think that's when they started. I liked that one I think that's when they started. So then yes. Okay. Real time fights. Cool. Maybe 11, maybe 11. No, 11. No, no, no that wasn't it. Do you want to start a Tomorrow Daily clan? Just certified. Well I'm already in a company. I'm already in a free company. I'm in my brother's free company. But. Oh wait, he's got, okay. [INAUDIBLE] I'm playing, I know, I'm playing a behemoth. So I'm running around on there and I've got a couple of characters and they're a lot of fun, and I've. I'm just having a good time right now. Cool. I'm into it. Yeah Nice. Thank you Final Fantasy 14 Realm Reborn. Alright guys. It is now time to hear what you think, which, actually, sorry about that. We are- Jerks. Filming. We're jerks and we're filming this show a little bit earlier than we normally do and it's so early that we actually don't have responses yet for TD hotel. Yeah. However, it's for a good cause. Kale is Kale is, Kale is going on a secret mission this weekend. Yeah. Family, family tradition. Oh yeah, I'm going to se my grandma who's turning 80 so. You just ruined the secret. And it's really cool. What if your grandma watches the show. She, nobody watches this show, nobody certain people watch the show. You are so wrong about that. They have the bot at home. That just clicks. Refreshes the home. That's perfect. And sometimes comments that sometimes are nice and sometimes are. Terrible comments. You have an algorithm that just decides whether to be mean? Khail's mean in this episode. We're really stupid. [LAUGH] And then I look at it and cry myself to sleep. Perfect. So that's a day for me. Right. But anyway yeah go on secret mission. I can't tell you if you're family and you just heard that, do not tell anyone else. Don't tell Grandma Anonymous, okay? Because she is going to be really excited. But yeah, so Khail's falling out back east. I hope that he comes back, because it's really snowy there, and you're not used to cold weather. I'm a Californian. Yeah, we don't do. We don't, this is, we have one temperature all the time. Yeah, like, drought. That's the temperature it is here in California is drought. Drought o'clock. Drought o'clock. But on that note we do actually have people send in stuff, so this is our Phonetographer of the Day. [MUSIC] I li, I like this picture. Picture a lot. This is from David. C. Okay. Because it's with his iPhone 4S. He said, hello there. This picture is from my trip to Greece in 2012. The only thing I remember from that place is that it was hot as hell. [LAUGH] [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] And I took this pic with my iPhone 4s. Those are the only two things he remembers about that moment in time right there. God you couldn't take a picture of a building that was like completed. It's got to be one that was just like. I know, there weren't even, they didn't even finish it. I mean. >I'm just kidding, that's awesome. That's pretty, that's pretty amazing. It makes, and Logan and I agree it makes us want to go to Greece. Like we're pretty sure. Yeah. Logan and I said we want to go to Greece now because that looks really cool. What do you think that building was used for? Do you think it was like a government building? That's where all the star, Starbucks or something? Probably a star, maybe a bed bath and beyond? I just get the feeling that all buildings back in that time looked like that. I know. So could really be a bath house, it could be a Starbucks, it could be a JC Penny's. Slash bath house. Could be a Stayter Brothers. And bakery. Dunkin Donuts? It could be a Dunkin. Make it Duncan. But, so yeah, there you go. That's pretty cool. I dig, I really dig that picture. I just thought it was really neat, something a little different. And, and thank you David for sending that in. Thanks David C. If you would like to send in your photo, feel free to email us tomorrow at CNET. COM. You can also send us story ideas, tips, tricks. Common carries whatever, I don't know. Walkthroughs FAQs. Walkthroughs, FA yeah FAQs, yeah whatever you want and if you absolutely hate e-mail you can find us on social media we are Tomorrow Daily on Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much everything else, if you, if you can't find us on the Internet, well you're using the internet wrong. Yeah. That's basically what I'm saying to you. We're in the internet. Yeah. How do you, how are you watching this show? How did you even get this? And if you're watching on YouTube don't forget to grade, review and then, no subscribe and leave a comment and maybe a like for Ashley. If you, I mean, if you. Leave a dislike for me. Listen I don't, yeah leave a dislike. We do a thumbs up for Khail and a thumbs down for me. It just breaks even, anyway and if you're listening on the iTunes on the old iTunes, don't forget to rate and review. Ye olde. And also you can follow us on our own social networkings, mostly Twitter, right? Yeah, mostly Twitter. Okay, @KhailAnonymous. And I'm @AshleyEsqueda. And if you ever want to send somebody the show and you don't feel like typing in a big long web address you can just send them to What is the easiest way to go find a find. . Yea, send your 80 year old grandma to the show. You should, or your eight year old cousin because we're for everybody from ages 1-100. We are aren't we I think so. Anyone can watch this show Anyone can watch this show,and enjoy it in their own way. We didn't bring down the room. We gotta get out for the weekend. I gotta, I gotta go visit my Grandma. Yeah, wow. Way to go Kaylinoutomous. Alright guys. Well, have a great weekend. We will be back on Monday with a brand new fresh. Bunch of batch of stories and fancy things with future tech geek pop culture and all the things in between to talk about with you guys, but until then be good humans we'll see you next time, bye. [MUSIC]
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