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Car hacking a growing concern with wireless tech

Security experts warn that Internet-connected vehicles need to be better protected from cyber threats. Should there be a hack test to go along with crash tests? Meanwhile, Skully begins selling its high-tech motorcycle helmet.


Buick rolls with 4G

GM rolled out its first 4G-connected cars, and CNET was there to ride along and watch YouTube.


10 must-see videos of the week

Hands-on with Sony's Project Morpheus, mastering the art of smartphone photography, and dunking and dribbling through the eyes of a professional NBA player.


Cadillac opens an app store, goes 4G

Cadillac announced today that its ATS Coupe will be one of its first models to get a 4G data connection and an app store, called CUE Collection.


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Top-rated reviews of the week (pictures)

From phablet to ultrabook, iOS game to Cadillac, power-line to cloud storage tech, these products earned four-star ratings (and above) from CNET's tech reviewers this week.

The new ELR serves as Cadillac's modern centerpiece, using an advanced technology drivetrain to allow pure electric driving up to 37 miles on a charge, with another 303 miles on a tank of gasoline.

2014 Cadillac ELR looks sharp enough to cut (pictures)

The all-new Cadillac ELR uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain for fuel efficiency, and sports extremely good looks.

LOS ANGELES -- This year's Los Angeles Auto Show played host to a number of significant new model launches, including the Porsche Macan, Audi A3, Subaru WRX, and Mini Cooper hatchback, along with a variety of concepts and other vehicles.
<a href="" >Click here to read more about the 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO.</a></p><br clear="all"/><p>

2013 Los Angeles Auto Show mega gallery

This year's Los Angeles Auto Show played host to a number of significant new model launches, including the Porsche Macan, Audi A3, Subaru WRX, and Mini Cooper hatchback, along with a variety of concepts and other vehicles.

Despite being an SUV, the Escalade served as Cadillac's luxury flagship for a number of years. This fourth generation of the car that came to represent the brand shows off a curiously boxy design and quite a bit of technology.

Cadillac shows off the 2015 Escalade model (pictures)

At a special event in New York, Cadillac took the wraps off the latest incarnation of its luxury SUV.


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<p>The Touring Sedan was the largest of the Oldsmobile Six models, with plenty of room for the family and luggage. Its "Six" moniker comes from its six-cylinder engine, which produced 95 horsepower.</p>

<p>Along with a heater and window defroster, the Oldsmobile was one of the first cars to be offered with a radio.</p>

Delphi car radios through the decades (pictures)

The basic AM radio was the first car infotainment device, giving drivers entertainment and important news alerts. At Delphi's new Silicon Valley lab, the auto parts supplier displays 80 years' worth of car radio development.

<p><b>Price:</b> $51,995

<b>Availability:</b> September 2013

<b>The outlook:</b> The substantial amount of tech Chevrolet put into the <a href="" >Stingray</a> succeeds in making it a better car, without getting in the way of the driving experience. In fact, the tech, cabin appointments, and body design make it as desirable as models from Ferrari and Lamborghini, at the considerably lower price point of just over 50 grand.

Fall in love with this upcoming car tech

From the rebirth of the American supercar to a gadget that will help boost the efficiency of your current ride, there's a lot to look forward to in car tech this fall.


Volvo sees crash-free car by 2020

A promotional video by Volvo details many of the active safety technologies it has developed and is in the process of developing, all with the goal of eliminating accidents.

The all current batch of CTS-V models are powered by 553 horsepower, supercharged V8 engines, but the <a href="" >2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon</a> has a lot more room for your junk in its trunk. It's fast and gorgeous, luxurious and spacious. About the only thing this party wagon doesn't do well is compromise.

Celebrate your independence with our favorite American cars (pictures)

In honor of the most American of holidays, we're taking a look back at some of the best American cars to grace the Car Tech garage.

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