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Gigabyte Z77X-UP4TH

The UP series comes with an inbuilt question: are you happy to spend more money for the best quality components, or would you prefer to spring for boards that offer better bang for buck?

By 20 September 2012

0 stars Editors' rating 20 September 2012

Typical price: $239.00


Asus Sabertooth Z77

The Sabertooth is a high-quality board with a unique aesthetic that demands a windowed case. If you're modding up a storm and have your case lit, this Z77 board could be the finishing touch.

By 24 July 2012

0 stars Editors' rating 24 July 2012

Typical price: $259.00


Asus P8Z77-M

There's a tendency among hardware reviewers to use the word "solid" as a stand-in for something with no surprises, that does the job it's asked to do and has no real peaks but no real troughs, either. Larry is "solid" — a little board that will likely see you through to the end, if the features satisfy your checklist of needs.

By 20 July 2012

0 stars Editors' rating 20 July 2012

Typical price: $115.00


Asus P8Z77-V Pro

If you need a little more than the average punter, put this board on your watch list.

By 19 July 2012

0 stars Editors' rating 19 July 2012

Typical price: $229.00


Asus P8Z77-V LK

An excellent value board, the P8Z77-V LK has been sniped by a more flexible competitor in the same price ball-park.

By 10 July 2012

0 stars Editors' rating 10 July 2012

Typical price: $179.00


Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H

The UD3H is the perfect all-rounder. It ticks the boxes for gamers, the mainstream, overclockers, and with its mSATA slot maybe even the low-profile crowd, or those who need caching drives. Those hungry for bandwidth and falling into the hardcore gamer category will want to step up to higher tiers, but for the rest of us, this is a nice board indeed.

By 31 May 2012

0 stars Editors' rating 31 May 2012

Typical price: $189.00


Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z77: We're ready for our close-up

The 7.2-megapixel Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z77 is a standard compact camera with one interesting feature: a video mode that optimises footage for easy uploading to YouTube

By 3 August 2007


Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z77 and Card EX-S880: Taking the 'Tube

Casio has announced the 8.1-megapixel Exilim Card EX-S880 and 7.2-megapixel Exilim Zoom EX-Z77, two cameras designed to optimise video for YouTube

By 11 July 2007


Casio Exilim EX-Z77

The Casio Exilim EX-Z77 has some neat features and feels responsive, but its poor photos simply can't be overlooked.

By 31 October 2007

3 stars Editors' rating 31 October 2007

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Upgrading a PC for Oculus Rift isn't as easy as you think

You can make a five-year-old PC VR-ready. But first, read this.

By 13 April 2016