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Asus XG Station: External graphics card

Crank your gaming up to 11 with the Asus XG Station, an add-on graphics processor that plugs into your laptop's ExpressCard slot

By 8 January 2007


Asus gives laptops a graphics jolt

Asus XG Station

By 11 January 2007


Asus A33: Media Center PC with integrated hi-fi amp

Asus has launched a Media Center desktop with an integrated 500W amplifier, loads of HDMI ports and Linux, if you want

By 17 March 2007


Thinking outside the box for graphics

Asus shows off first external graphics card station for laptops

By 7 January 2007


CES 2007: Computing

Microsoft prepares to return to Vegas with another round of the tiny computers, and storage makers think big--and small.

By 10 January 2007