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Linksys WVC54GCA Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera

Wi-Fi cameras for home security ought to be a no-brainer, and at this price, the Linksys pretty much is. We just wish it worked seamlessly cross-browser, and took better pictures.

By 30 September 2008

3.5 stars Editors' rating 30 September 2008

Typical price: $199.95


The Real Deal 207: Power! (podcast)

Martin LaMonica joins us to talk about power usage with your gadgets. What should you be concerned with and what can you do to lower power usage.

By 23 April 2010


Cisco's consumer electronics dream

The networking giant sees a big opportunity in sales to consumers, and it may surprise some to know the company has actually been in the biz for nearly six years.

By 20 March 2009