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Bill Nye compares climate change to World War II

Technically Incorrect: In giving the graduation speech at Rutgers University, the "Science Guy" throws down a serious scientific comparison.

By 19 May 2015


Steve Jobs channeled 'a past life as a World War II pilot'

A new book by Steve Jobs' former girlfriend Chrisann Brennan offers that the Apple co-founder was fascinated by the 1940s.

By 16 October 2013


B-2s, B-52s, and the plane that ended World War II

Visitors to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, can come face to face with the best collection of military aircraft in the world. CNET Road Trip 2013 checked it out.

By 22 July 2013


An iPod dock circa World War II

Spirit of St. Louis Collection adds an MP3 player.

By 4 June 2008


Encryption, the FBI's bane, nets top prize for computing pioneers

Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman's privacy-protecting technology has become both an inextricable part of modern life and a scourge to law enforcement.

By 3 March 2016


Battleborn Is Gearbox's 'biggest investment' ever

Plus, Borderlands studio confirms multiple new IPs are in the works in addition to new entries to existing franchises.

By 23 February 2016


Battleships and Battlefields: WWII Museums from around the world

From Pearl Harbor to London to Normandy and beyond, the battlefields and machines of World War II survive and are maintained as museums. Here are photo tours of a few of the famous sites.

By 7 December 2015


Trump isn't the only politician who says dumb things about the Net

Plenty of political figures in the US have shown a sketchy grasp of the Internet. Here's a look at some of their gaffes, past and present.

By 1 January 2016


Objects in Space lets you feel like a true spaceship captain (PAX Aus 2015)

"Less like World War II dogfighters, more like Cold War submarines": That was the mantra for Flat Earth Games when they decided to create a game that got space right.

By 5 November 2015


Developer wants to make a 'Schindler's List for games'

"It's kind of embarrassing if you look at the video games industry and how they've handled World War II as a topic," Moon Studios CEO Thomas Mahler says.

By 16 April 2015