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Massive Petra monument 'hiding in plain sight'

The World Heritage Site at Petra, Jordan still has a few secrets -- one of which has just been discovered thanks to aerial technology.

By 10 June 2016


Ancient, hidden cities uncovered by lasers in Cambodia's jungle

The vast cityscapes had been lost to the jungle for centuries, but that's before helicopter-mounted lasers came along.

By 13 June 2016


These decaying island buildings feel like real-world Fallout game

Decades of storms and decay have transformed Japan's tiny Hashima Island, once home to 5,259 people, into the haunting and incredible Gunkanjima: Battleship Island. Here's a tour.

By 4 June 2016


3D scanning the Opera House for posterity

The Scottish Ten is undergoing a detailed survey of the Sydney Opera House as part of its project to digitally preserve UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

By 18 April 2013


Street View hikes Endor-like Yakushima Island in Japan

The island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to towering cedars that are thousands of years old. Google has captured views of the forest in winter.

By 5 April 2013