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Words with Friends players richer than Angry Birds fans?

Study shows that people who play Word With Friends are likely to have a higher salary than Angry Birds players and that the latter tend to skew Republican.

By 10 April 2012


Zynga brings Words With Friends to Facebook

The popular Scrabble-like game is the first that Zynga has ported from a mobile platform to the world's largest social network.

By 6 August 2011


Words With Friends: Like Scrabulous for iPhone!

Actually, it's better than Scrabulous, because you can play it anytime, anywhere, without being tied to Facebook. There's even a free version. Goodbye, productivity!

By 11 March 2010


Zynga presses pause on game launches as sales outlook drops

The gaming company cuts outlook after its says revamps of hit games, including Words With Friends, will take longer. But, it says, new efforts should prove fruitful.

By 8 August 2014


Zynga sues 'Bang with Friends' sex app for trademark violation

The game maker claims that "Bang with Friends" sounds far too similar to "Words with Friends."

By 1 August 2013


Zynga revs up mobile ads with Honda campaign

The "It Starts With You" advertising promo will offer in-game rewards to Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends players.

By 17 October 2012


Zynga's new Gems With Friends puts spotlight on mobile

The social-game developer releases another game this week, this time from the mobile specialists responsible for Words With Friends.

By 10 August 2012


Alec Baldwin's love for iPhone game won't fly

The "30 Rock" actor is reportedly so engrossed in "Words With Friends" that he ends up in something of a disagreement with an American Airlines cabin crew.

By 8 December 2011


Top iPhone and iPad apps charts for week of September 19

Last week's top iPhone and iPad apps, according to official numbers from Apple's App Store, include SPY Mouse, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Pages, and Keynote, among others.

By 21 September 2011