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Wikipedia offers rich, frequently updated information online, but you might need to verify some of its facts.

By 28 October 2005

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Visualizing data as distance: Wikipedia's a long, long drive

The storage space in an iPhone 6S equals how many boxes of paper files? Stretch your brain with these vistas of data.

By 13 April 2016


Russian Internet watchdog orders ISPs to block Wikipedia

The country's Roskomnadzor federal agency has instructed Internet providers to block a page about a kind of cannabis, but most can only block the entire site.

By 25 August 2015


Tech leaders say Trump would crush innovation

More than 100 leaders endorse an open letter that lists all the ways a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the tech industry.

By 15 July 2016


Google celebrates birthday of Nettie Stevens, discoverer of sex chromosomes

Doodle highlights contributions of the US geneticist in expanding our understanding of sex determination.

By 7 July 2016


21 hidden features in iOS 10

There's more to iOS 10 than Apple announced during the keynote in June -- a lot more, in fact. Here's some of the hidden features we've found already.

By 8 July 2016


Android Nougat? Really? Here are at least eight better names

Commentary: The Googleplex has christened the next version of Android to be nougat, after a sweet treat not all people understand. Surely we could do better?

By 1 July 2016


Microsoft Edge saves power versus Chrome (says Microsoft)

The company's Edge browser, bundled for free with Windows 10, is said to sip less precious juice than rivals.

By 21 June 2016


Dark side of the moon: The grim history of NASA's space race

On this day in history: June 20 marks some important milestones in the dark history of human space exploration.

By 20 June 2016


How Apple plans on making features smarter while balancing privacy

The tech giant touted "differential privacy" as a way of smartening up key apps in iOS 10 without having to access specific information about you.

By 18 June 2016