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Install Chrome 39 for OS X for 64-bit Web browsing

As long as your Mac isn't ancient, you can make the move to 64-bit Chrome. Learn how to download it and find out if your Mac has 64-bit support.

By 20 November 2014


Your Web browsing history is totally unique, like fingerprints

French researchers who did some sanctioned browser sniffing find the majority of Internet users have unique browsing histories that make them identifiable.

By 2 August 2012


Yahoo gets visual with Web browsing

The new standalone Axis Web browser for iOS devices and plugin for other major Web browsers offers a slick visual interface for smooth surfing.

By 25 May 2012


Augmented reality could transform Web browsing (video)

What will Web browsing look like in the future? SmartPlanet's Sumi Das explains how augmented reality will help museum paintings turn into talking art teachers and ordinary billboards play movie trailers.

By 7 February 2012


How to keep your Web browsing private on iOS 5

We take a look at the new Private Browsing feature in Mobile Safari as we continue to show you what features to expect, and how to use them once iOS 5 is released to the public this fall.

By 26 July 2011


Google Chrome used for fifth of all Web browsing, Internet Explorer in decline

Google's Chrome browser is now used for just over 20 per cent of global Web surfing, according to Internet analytics company StatCounter. Microsoft's Internet Explorer, meanwhile, is in decline.

By 5 July 2011


Mobile app use outpacing Web browsing, report says

For the first time, the numbers of minutes spent each day using mobile apps has surpassed the number of minutes spent surfing the Web, both on the desktop and mobile devices.

By 22 June 2011


BlackBerry's video shows PlayBook web browsing faster than iPad

RIM is turning up the heat on Apple in the big tablet showdown, releasing a video that appears to show that the BlackBerry PlayBook is faster at rendering certain web sites than the iPad.

By 17 November 2010


Secure your Web browsing in Firefox

Want to be as secure as you can while you surf the Web? The EFF and the TOR project have brought you HTTPS Everywhere, a Firefox add-on that encrypts as many Web sites as possible, and Veronica has all the details on today's Tekzilla Daily.

16 July 2010


Apple iPad Web-browsing features

CEO Steve Jobs sits down with the new Apple tablet and shows off its Web-browsing, e-mail, and keyboard features.

28 January 2010