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Thirst for iOS

Thirst is one of the best iOS apps I've seen yet for catching up on hot news topics by category, with a smart search algorithm that uses the power of the Web to bring stories to you.

13 February 2013

4.5 stars Editors' rating 13 February 2013

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Browse the Web via keyboard with gleeBox

Browser extension gleeBox lets Chrome and Safari users ditch their mouse or touch pad when Web surfing.

By 8 December 2012


Your Web browsing history is totally unique, like fingerprints

French researchers who did some sanctioned browser sniffing find the majority of Internet users have unique browsing histories that make them identifiable.

By 2 August 2012


Yahoo gets visual with Web browsing

The new standalone Axis Web browser for iOS devices and plugin for other major Web browsers offers a slick visual interface for smooth surfing.

By 25 May 2012


Browse Instagram on the Web

Tired of looking at photos on a tiny mobile screen instead of on your huge laptop or desktop screen? Take a look at Extragram's Web version of Instagram.

By 12 May 2012


Windows 8 version of Firefox browses the web Metro-style

A special version of Firefox for Windows 8 is on the way, complete with Metro live tiles.

By 15 February 2012


Augmented reality could transform Web browsing (video)

What will Web browsing look like in the future? SmartPlanet's Sumi Das explains how augmented reality will help museum paintings turn into talking art teachers and ordinary billboards play movie trailers.

By 7 February 2012


Web content recommendations based on your browsing history

If you feel that you've been spinning your heels in the same corner of the Web for too long, you may want to branch out--but where to start? Sitesimon examines your browsing history and delivers similar content you might never hear about otherwise.

By 7 October 2011


Kindle Touch won't browse Web over 3G

If you're thinking about purchasing a Kindle Touch 3G, one warning: don't expect it to surf the Web over 3G.

By 4 October 2011


How to keep your Web browsing private on iOS 5

We take a look at the new Private Browsing feature in Mobile Safari as we continue to show you what features to expect, and how to use them once iOS 5 is released to the public this fall.

By 26 July 2011