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Google said to be prepping new VR headset -- without the cardboard

New smartphone-based headset will sport improved sensors and lenses housed in a solid plastic casing, according to the Financial Times.

By 8 February 2016


Oculus offers free VR headset to early Kickstarter supporters

Some in the wildly successful crowdfunding effort felt jilted after the headset maker sold itself to Facebook.

By 6 January 2016


Reality check: Your computer is most likely too weak to run VR headsets

Just 13 million PCs worldwide this year will have the graphics processing power necessary to render VR images properly, Nvidia warns.

By 4 January 2016


Up close with Sony's PlayStation VR headset (pictures)

Take a look at Sony's PlayStation VR headset, an upcoming add-on to the PlayStation 4.

12 Images By 6 December 2015


Want a PlayStation VR headset? You will after you've played these games

EVE Valkyrie and Job Simulator feel like killer apps for Sony's VR headgear

By 6 December 2015


Take a closer look at Samsung's Gear VR headset (pictures)

Samsung's Gear VR headset brings virtual reality to the masses -- but only for newer Samsung phones.

9 Images By 21 November 2015


Samsung Gear VR headset now up for preorder at $99

The first virtual reality headset aimed at consumers will ship starting November 20, just in time for holiday shoppers.

By 11 November 2015


Samsung's cheap VR headset and the new Google Nexus phones leak

Samsung says its new headset is lighter and more comfortable, but the price is what really gets our attention. Meanwhile, pictures of the new Google Nexus phones pop up online and Quirky files for bankruptcy.

By 26 September 2015


Up close with Samsung's $99 Gear VR headset (pictures)

Here's the official way to turn your Samsung smartphone into a virtual reality headset.

13 Images By 25 September 2015


The new Gear VR headset goes on sale this fall

Samsung and Oculus VR unveiled their new virtual reality headset at a price point under $100.

25 September 2015