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We think Clayton Snyder reminds us a bit of Nathan Drake (Tomorrow Daily 348 show notes)

You might know him as Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire, but now, actor Clayton Snyder is all grown up, and he's starring in a new mini-pilot online called "Second Star." We still want him to be in an Uncharted movie, though.

By 15 April 2016


Clayton Snyder drops in to talk 'Second Star' and life after 'Lizzie McGuire' (Tomorrow Daily 348)

We deep dive into Flyboard Air, Volocopter and Stephen Hawking's Starshot Project. Also, we welcome actor Clayton Snyder to the show to discuss "Second Star" and playing pro water polo.

By 15 April 2016


Volocopter: Sixteen propellers and one seat belt (pictures)

Winner of the AERO 2012 Lindbergh Prize for Innovation, E-volo is trying to change personal transportation with its multi-propeller aircraft designs.

8 Images By 3 May 2012


18-rotor electric helicopter makes maiden flight

Aside from being emission-free, the German-built Volocopter VC200 is a VTOL aircraft that aims to offer a calm and quiet ride.

By 26 November 2013


World's first 'green helicopter' takes maiden flight

The Volocopter VC200 is a quiet, battery-powered helicopter alternative with 18 rotors that can carry two people.

By 25 November 2013


Take to the skies in your personal multicopter

Da Vinci might have fancied E-volo's bizarre Volocopter, which seems like an oversized toy. Don't forget your parachute.

By 3 May 2012