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Vodafone Pocket WiFi Extreme

Vodafone's offering is cheap, but highly inconsistent network performance issues are still a major problem, making the Pocket WiFi quite a bit less extreme than it may first seem.

By 4 April 2013

3 stars Editors' rating 4 April 2013

Typical price: $109.00


Vodafone Mega Modem

Vodafone's new modem isn't entirely mega, but it did show us the promise of better speeds than we're used to seeing out of the carrier.

By 21 April 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating 21 April 2011

Typical price: $99.00


Vodafone Compass

Compass makes an excellent navigation tool for casual users looking for directions a few times a month or year. More frequent users should look to something more robust with absent features, like traffic monitoring and voice commands.

By 6 March 2009

3.5 stars Editors' rating 6 March 2009

Typical price: $8.00


Vodafone Pocket WiFi

There isn't much to differentiate the Pocket WiFi from similar devices in regards to performance, but the addition of its LED display gives it a leg-up in usability.

By 23 August 2010

4.5 stars Editors' rating 23 August 2010

Typical price: $119.00


Vodafone ditches AU$5 Roaming fee in New Zealand

Australians travelling to New Zealand no longer have to worry about exorbitant roaming fees, or even paying a daily fee, with news that Vodafone is making its usual AU$5 Roaming charge free for trips to NZ.

By 1 February 2016


​Don't expect unmetered mobile video any time soon: Vodafone

'Never' might be a bit of a stretch, but Vodafone says we shouldn't expect unmetered video streaming on our morning commute in the near term.

By 19 January 2016


Third man arrested over TalkTalk hack as Vodafone reveals cyberattack of its own

Vodafone is the second British telecommunications company in two weeks to be on the receiving end of a serious hack.

By 2 November 2015


​Back from the graveyard: Kogan Mobile relaunches with Vodafone

Kogan Mobile is hoping to shake off the scars of the past, partnering with Vodafone to relaunch as a "highly competitive" telco player, two years after the original mobile company collapsed.

By 19 October 2015


TPG to provide 5G-capable 'dark fibre' cable for Vodafone in $1 billion deal

On Wednesday, the two telecommunications companies announced a deal that will see TPG migrate its customers to Vodafone, who it will provide 5G-capable optic fibre infrastructure for through 2015.

By 30 September 2015


Vodafone faces security warnings over journalist hacking claims

A journalist says she is "appalled, outraged and very upset" amid claims her communications records were accessed by Vodafone staff, with privacy experts warning that this kind of data is "readily compromisable."

By 14 September 2015