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Trump scorns Google after viral video claims search feature is biased

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee reportedly calls out Google for the autocomplete function in its search engine. Google says it "does not favor any candidate or cause."

By 11 June 2016


Durex takes couples' phones away, enjoys wild viral hit

Technically Incorrect: Almost 20 million YouTube views shows that those in love are very keen to see what happens when couples go on vacation without tech.

By 6 June 2016


Viral video of the day features a massive snake in a toilet

Be glad you don't have huge snakes slithering through your plumbing.

By 28 May 2016


Donald Trump's onstage scare inspires viral GIF goodness

The GOP presidential contender's campaign reaches a scary level when a protester rushes the stage during a speech. The incident also inspires some hilarious GIFs.

By 18 March 2016


SharkCam provides viral video, 'groundbreaking' information

The drone made famous via attack from a great white shark has delivered a wealth of new information on the behaviour of these amazing predators.

By 13 January 2016


Does viral hack really reveal which Facebook friends like Trump?

A shortcut flying around the Internet tries to identify which of your friends support the controversial presidential candidate.

By 12 December 2015


Psy takes two post-'Gangnam Style' shots at viral video glory

Let's check in with Korean pop sensation Psy as he unleashes two ludicrous new music videos on YouTube and starts piling up the views.

By 2 December 2015


What makes a video go viral -- by the people who claim they do it

A survey examines why people share videos and contribute to making them go viral. Some claim to share them as a passive-aggressive act.

By 20 October 2015


Your viral glory of the week: Boxing kangaroos

Technically Incorrect: Almost 2 million people have flocked to Facebook to see an extraordinary video of two kangaroos performing very skilled, kickboxing-style pugilism in the middle of an Australian road.

By 5 October 2015


Not-so-calm owl is your new viral online overlord

Behold the birth of a meme as a news clip of a "calm" owl makes wacky waves across the Internet.

By 18 August 2015