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Panasonic Viera Cast TV on 2011 Blu-ray players review

CNET reviews Panasonic's Viera Cast streaming-content portal, finding that although it offers fewer overall streaming services than competitors, its easy-to-use interface makes it one of the top picks.

By 30 April 2011


Viera Cast first impressions: Panasonic's version of WebTV

Watch your latest YouTube creation, show the photo album of your latest trip to Thailand, and then check in to see how far your Yahoo stock has tanked--all without leaving your couch.

By 20 June 2008


Panasonic CES 2014 TVs: All LED, one 4K, and little excitement

Panasonic is no longer making plasma displays, and judging from its lackluster lineup of new LED LCD models, the company seems destined for a rough 2014 in the TV marketplace.

By 7 January 2014


Panasonic releases more Blu-ray players than anyone else

Panasonic's Blu-ray line bulges with six new models, including the ultraslim DMP-BBT01 and three other 3D Blu-ray players.

By 13 January 2012


Panasonic TVs get free Viera Connect upgrade

Panasonic is upgrading its 2010 panels with its latest Viera Connect smart-TV platform.

By 4 October 2011


Blu-ray player streaming-media services compared

CNET compares all the streaming-media services offered on 2011 Blu-ray players, including Panasonic Viera Cast, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart Hub, and Sony Bravia Internet Video.

By 2 June 2011


Sony Bravia Internet Video on 2011 Blu-ray players review

CNET reviews Sony Bravia Internet Video on 2011 Blu-ray players, finding it to offer more services than competitors, but its difficult user interface makes it less appealing.

By 27 May 2011


Panasonic DMR-BWT800 and DMR-BWT700 turn 2D into 3D gold

Panasonic's latest Freeview+HD Blu-ray recorders transform the boring two-dimensional world of meetings and losing any unsaved work into a dazzling high-definition, 3D extravaganza.

By 5 May 2011


BBC iPlayer now available on 2011 Panasonic TVs with Viera Connect

We've long bemoaned Panasonic's lack of effort with its Internet portal, in particular the absence of iPlayer, but it seems the company has finally sorted it out.

By 18 March 2011


Get a Blu-ray home-theater-in-a-box for $219 shipped

Not your typical wussy HTIB, the Panasonic SC-BT230 features 1,000 watts of audio power, an iPod/iPhone dock, and a Blu-ray player that supports Netflix.

By 26 February 2011