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Veho 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For AU$69.95, the Veho 360 isn't too bad. We'd only use Bluetooth if we had to, and even then only in very close proximity, but for what you get in the packet it's not a bad deal at all.

By 20 January 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 20 January 2012

Typical price: $69.95


Veho Mimi Qube WiFi speaker system

We quite like the Mimi Qube, but can't justify the huge markup on it. If you want one, best to import it.

By 6 February 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 6 February 2012

Typical price: $149.95


Tech gifts under £25

If you're skint from hoovering up lovely tech in 2012, here's 10 thrifty gadget gifts for your Crimbo shopping list.

By 30 November 2012


Veho muvi: Go extreme with the world's smallest camcorder

UK manufacturer Veho is going extreme with the muvi, the world's smallest micro camcorder

By 24 June 2009


Veho claims world's smallest camcorder with Muvi

A 2-inch tall camcorder also turns into a Web cam.

By 24 June 2009


Verizon adds more Net content to Fios

Verizon Communications is adding more Web content to its Fios TV services as device makers team up with Netflix and others to offer streaming Web content directly to TVs without a costly cable subscription.

By 27 April 2010


Verizon adds Facebook and Twitter to Fios TV

Verizon Communications is adding widgets for Facebook and Twitter as part of its push to add more interactive applications to its TV service.

By 15 July 2009