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Linksys E2500 Multiple User N600 WiFi Router

Though far from perfect, the Linksys E2500's ease of use, nice design, and reasonable price make it a very good router for a small home or apartment.

By 25 August 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating 25 August 2011

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Twitter goes long(er) with users' video uploads

Twitter users can share videos up to 140 seconds long on the platform and create longer videos on Vine as well.

By 21 June 2016


Venmo users can make purchases, split checks

The digital payment company has partnered with 11 retailers so far and is looking for more.

By 27 July 2016


What the Verizon-Yahoo deal means for users

Verizon is buying Yahoo's internet assets for $4.83 billion. CNET's Lexy Savvides and Ian Sherr have the Inside Scoop on what it means if you use Yahoo Mail, Sports and Finance.

By 26 July 2016


France calls end to Microsoft's 'excessive' user data collection

France is not happy about the amount of data collection and lack of security in Windows 10 and has given the firm three months to sort it out.

By 21 July 2016


Tinder users can now swipe right on group dates

With Tinder Social, it's the more the merrier. The dating app has a new feature to bring together groups for a night out.

By 21 July 2016


Facebook Messenger hits 1 billion users

The mobile chat app attains the milestone about two years after Facebook separated it from its main social network.

By 21 July 2016


Twitter users stick it to Trump over new campaign logo

Technically Incorrect: The graphic symbol for the Donald Trump-Mike Pence ticket is perhaps more graphic than the campaign intended, at least to some of the Twitterati.

By 16 July 2016


Yelp is now asking users about nearby Pokestops

Check-ins and reviews are so yesterday. Yelp is the latest company to get in on the Pokemon Go craze.

By 16 July 2016


15 Finder shortcuts every Mac user needs to know

Find things faster with Finder.

By 15 July 2016