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M-Audio Oxygen8 25-Key Mobile USB MIDI Controller

M-Audio's Oxygen8 is just the tool for musicians who want to play an unlimited number of instruments without carrying them all.

18 November 2004

3.5 stars Editors' rating 18 November 2004

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Biometric USB password key worthy of 'Mission: Impossible'

Unsatisfied with regular old USB password protection devices, myIDkey kicks things up a few notches with biometrics, Bluetooth, and voice search. It even self-destructs.

By 21 February 2013


My Best Tech Gift Ever: Beatles catalog on a USB key

What do you get a guy who's probably seen every gadget imaginable? If he's a music fiend like Dan Ackerman, try a USB device packed with tracks by the Fab Four.

By 6 December 2012


New MacBook Airs include OS X on a USB key

Apple is now packing a USB drive in with the new MacBook Airs that contains system recovery software. Previously this was only offered in disc form.

By 21 October 2010


LaCie announces two new key-shaped USB drives

LaCie just introduced two new USB keys: the LaCie CooKey and the LaCie WhizKey.

By 6 January 2010


Key-shaped USB drive solves my portable data dilemma

When my colleague Dong Ngo introduced us to the LaCie key-shaped USB drive back in March, the timing could not have been better, as I had just ended yet another frustrating relationship with a keychain-based USB key.

By 30 April 2009


LaCie's key-shaped USB drives: Tough, stylish

LaCie offers three key-shaped USB drives that are compact, rugged, and offer up to 8GB of storage.

By 17 March 2009


LaCie's three key shaped USB thumbdrives

LaCie now offers three portable USB drives that are key-shaped. They include itsaKey, iamaKey, and PassKey USB thumbdrives. These drives are compact and designed to fit conveniently in a pocket or on a key ring. The itsaKey and iamaKey store up to 8GB of flash memory while the PassKey is a microSD card reader, which lets you use your memory cards on the go.

7 Images By 17 March 2009


Jerry Jalava's USB key prosthetic finger

Jerry Jalava builds a USB key into his prosthetic finger

13 Images By 14 March 2009


From the Great Ideas Dept.: Biodegradable USB keys

A Hong Kong company claims it's the first of its kind.

By 7 August 2008