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My Best Tech Gift Ever: Beatles catalog on a USB key

What do you get a guy who's probably seen every gadget imaginable? If he's a music fiend like Dan Ackerman, try a USB device packed with tracks by the Fab Four.

By 6 December 2012


New MacBook Airs include OS X on a USB key

Apple is now packing a USB drive in with the new MacBook Airs that contains system recovery software. Previously this was only offered in disc form.

By 21 October 2010


Jerry Jalava's USB key prosthetic finger

Jerry Jalava builds a USB key into his prosthetic finger

13 Images By 14 March 2009


From the Great Ideas Dept.: Biodegradable USB keys

A Hong Kong company claims it's the first of its kind.

By 7 August 2008


LaCie USB Key Max

The LaCie USB Key Max lets you keep your data in the palm of your hand.

22 May 2008


'TubeStick' brings TV in a USB key

Hybrid version for HD broadcasts and digital or analog cable goes for sale.

By 1 May 2008


This USB key has something to hide

A secret compartment stores and reads microSD cards.

By 12 February 2008


This USB key will self-destruct in...

Ten wrong passwords will erase all data.

By 5 September 2007


The hot trend in designer jewelry: USB keys

A Tiffany version is only a matter of time

By 12 June 2007


A USB key for reality shows

'Flash Survivor' is another Terminator wannabe

By 20 March 2007