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Halo 5 update removes Arena Breakout from Team Arena playlist

The decision was made in part because of fan feedback.

By 5 February 2016


iPad Update

iPad and iOS news


Apple Music for Android update adds SD card support

Thanks to a recent update, you no longer have to worry about managing storage on your device.

By 5 February 2016


Heroes of the Storm update brings Diablo's wizard and a monkey you can catch for gold

Big changes to Nova, Rehgar and Gall, along with other balance changes also included.

By 2 February 2016


New version of Xbox One update out now for testers

Testers can now move pins around and the check out the new Gamerscore leaderboard.

By 29 January 2016


GTA Online update files reveal new Valentine's Day cars, clothes, modes

Here's what is likely to be added in the Valentine's Day event.

By 29 January 2016


PSA: Halo 5 free update arrives with new maps, weapons, and more

New maps for Arena and Warzone, as well as Halo 2-era Battle Rifle and Achilles armor set, now available.

By 26 January 2016


New Paragon gameplay video showcases alpha updates

Gears of War creator's new MOBA is coming along; check out the latest footage here.

By 25 January 2016


Here's what's in the next Xbox One system update

The first update of the new year is focused on a range of social features.

By 19 January 2016


The next iPhone software update will help you sleep better

iOS 9.3 will include a feature called Night Shift that automatically adjusts your screen when it's nighttime to make the colors easier on the eyes.

By 12 January 2016


Meet Samsung's updated Galaxy A smartphones (pictures)

Samsung's Galaxy A phones, updated for 2016, blend metal bodies and premium design aimed at a younger, trendier crowd.

25 Images By 14 January 2016