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Beats wants to unplug from struggling partner HTC, report says

Brash cans-maker Beats wants to pull the cord on its relationship with hard-up HTC, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

By 19 August 2013


Adobe unplugs Creative Cloud sync tool during transition

The company apologizes after an Instability forces it to take the preview version of a synchronization tool offline earlier than expected. The service syncs files on mobile devices, the Web, and PCs.

By 20 May 2013


Clean your keyboard and mouse without unplugging

Ever notice suspicious crumbs or hairs on your keyboard and feel the overwhelming need to clean it immediately? Now you can without unplugging your keyboard or turning off the machine.

19 March 2013


Going 'unplugged' doesn't have to lead to an e-mail meltdown

Afraid turning off your phone or computer for an extended period will cause your inbox to explode? Try it, and you might be surprised -- more relaxed, too.

By 4 July 2012


Teen electrocuted while working on unplugged computer

A 16-year-old is stripping down a family computer, which is unplugged. He dies. An autopsy reveals electrocution burns.

By 10 October 2012


This week in Crave: The unplugged edition

Whether you've been caught up in the "Hunger Games" frenzy or emerging from a 24-hour tech detox, get back up to speed with Crave's week in review.

By 24 March 2012


To save energy, popping socket unplugs plugs

Ignore the 10-minute warning and you'll find that your toaster, computer, or smartphone has been unceremoniously evicted from its wall socket, by the socket itself.

By 3 January 2012


Google euthanizes Google Health, unplugs PowerMeter

Google axes health records and home energy use-monitoring services, citing lagging adoption.

By 25 June 2011


'National Day of Unplugging'--there's an app for that

Tonight marks the start of the second annual event designed to encourage us to "check out" rather than "check in," and put aside all mobile devices for 24 hours.

By 5 March 2011


Getting news out of an unplugged Egypt

Al Jazeera streams Egypt protests while people turn to old-fashioned landlines, faxes and ham radio to get information in and out of the country.

By 29 January 2011