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Brilliantly realistic CG head bridges the uncanny valley

Australian artist Chris Jones is constructing a hyper-realistic human body in CG animation, piece by painstaking piece.

By 7 October 2014


Loneliness narrows the uncanny valley

Starved for a little social contact? The face of a robot or doll will seem more alive to you than to someone with a brimming social life.

By 9 September 2014


Perky avatars bring 'Uncanny Valley' to NYC airports

The Port Authority of New York will be trying out lady-sized video billboards through the end of the year.

By 22 May 2012


Uncanny valley of keyboards: Do small keys bother you?

How important is a keyboard to you when buying an ultraportable, and do fuller keys make you happier? In reviewing Lenovo's latest Netbooks, we began to wonder.

By 25 July 2009


Fan's creepily accurate live-action 'Futurama' disturbs and delights

"Fan-o-rama" gets an eye-popping trailer featuring eerie real-life renditions of the "Futurama" cast.

By 20 July 2016


DirectX 12 can render 'up to 12 times more polygons' than DX11

Graphics card giant Nvidia says the new API allows it to cross the "uncanny valley."

By 1 May 2015


You're going to freak over these uncanny masks

Your own personal uncanny valley is just a few clicks away with these custom-printed balaclavas.

By 4 June 2014


The most horrifying robot baby you'll ever meet

Meet Diego-san, the oversized robot baby that has a semi-realistic, uncanny-valley head on a naked robot skeleton.

By 11 January 2013


Real-life anime girl bats her enormous eyelashes at you

Welcome to the real-world version of the Uncanny Valley. A young Ukrainian woman explodes her eyes and cinches her waist to become a real-life anime character.

By 3 October 2012


The training robots that are saving lives

At Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital, the EdWise team runs training simulations to help medical staff understand how to respond to emergency situations. We get up close and personal with the uncanny valley.

By 18 September 2012