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New Windows 8.1 build reveals built-in tutorial and tips

Approaching the final version, the latest build offers a much-needed tutorial and more Start screen backgrounds.

By 12 August 2013


Google releases Glass tutorial

The company shows you how to operate its wearable tech.

By 1 May 2013


A terrific Twitter tutorial -- and saying thanks in social media

Digital expert Steve Buttry shared a deck of his recent presentation about how journalists can use Twitter in better ways. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to use the service better.

By 19 February 2013


Raspberry Pi gets its own app store, with games and tutorials

The dirt-cheap British-made PC now has its own app store, making it easy to download games and useful programs.

By 18 December 2012


Raspberry Pi app store launches with games, tutorials, more

The dirt-cheap system-on-a-stick gets a moderated hub for content of all kinds, sans Angry Birds, for once.

By 18 December 2012


Canon offers on-camera video tutorials

If you're a Canon owner and you're not quite au fait with everything your camera can do, you can download a range of on-camera tutorials.

By 19 July 2012


Online Halloween costume tutorials aplenty

Still looking for crazy costume ideas? Look no further than the DIY crowd on YouTube.

By 30 October 2011


Motorola Milestone 3 tutorial videos hint at close release date

Three professional-looking tutorial videos for the Motorola Milestone 3 Android smart phone have turned up on YouTube, fuelling speculation of an imminent launch.

By 7 June 2011


Leaked video tutorials show purported Droid 3

Much-rumored phone may be close to making its debut, if the appearance of three brief but official-looking video tutorials on YouTube is any indication.

By 6 June 2011


Tron DIY costume tutorial coming soon

A faux leather attire, some EL Film strips and conductive fabric tape should be enough to get you going.

By 5 November 2010