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Divoom Voombox Travel (black)

Despite some small flaws, the sturdily built Divoom Voombox Travel is a good budget choice for a wireless travel speaker.

By 22 April 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating 22 April 2014

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Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio 1-HP Blender/Food Processor with Travel Cups

Cuisinart's $149 blender-and-food-processor-in-one is sure to cut down on countertop clutter.

By 8 March 2015

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This traveler's phone gives you free, local data (pictures)

A Handy phone in your hotel room spells total travel freedom.

7 Images By 12 April 2016


Lazy travelers can ride this suitcase straight to the gate

Walking is sooo overrated. Glory in the stares as you hop on Modobag's motorized luggage and ride at a blistering 8mph to your final airport destination.

By 23 July 2016


Summer tech built for travel

With summer in full swing, these three gadgets will make the most of any vacation or road trip.

By 16 July 2016


Google's Project Fi boosts data speeds when traveling abroad

The search giant is trying to tempt more people to use its experimental wireless service, though it works with only a few phones so far.

By 12 July 2016


Seven tips on keeping your phone safe while traveling

In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon offers advice on how to make sure your vacation isn't ruined by becoming a victim of mobile cybercrime.

By 25 June 2016


The best IFTTT recipes for business travelers

You'll be so on top of email that your colleagues will have no idea you're sitting on a beach.

By 25 June 2016


The best IFTTT recipes for international travelers

Keep your documents in order and make sure your mom always knows where you are.

By 24 June 2016


Travel the world without printing a thing

Your complete guide to traveling without paper, from tickets to touristing.

By 22 June 2016