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Google Maps boosts live transit in NYC, D.C., and Salt Lake City

The Web giant's mapping feature now boasts live departure times or service alerts in three new U.S. metropolitan areas.

By 28 March 2013


HBO creating Silicon Valley show that's meant to be funny

After the unintentional comedy of Bravo TV's "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley," here's something that is actually meant to make you laugh. It's from the people who brought you "King of the Hill."

By 19 January 2013


For all those alone with a gadget this Xmas

Don't think for a moment that technology always represents progress. However, there are some for whom, at this time, it represents a lone hope.

By 25 December 2012


Google Maps charts 1M public transit stops worldwide

Encompassing nearly 500 cities, Google Maps now has transport schedules to more than 1 million bus, train, subway, and tram stops. It also has a revamped Android app.

By 16 August 2012


Rocker Neil Young challenging MP3s with new audio format

The famous musician has filed several trademarks related to a new high-definition MP3 alternative, reports Rolling Stone. The government could register the trademarks by the holidays.

By 5 April 2012


Non-stop high-speed train concept excites and terrifies in equal measure

Here's a terrifying new concept: a high-speed train that never stops. Passengers instead cross over via a 'feeder tram' that matches the speed of the main train. Scary? You betcha.

By 25 June 2011


Helicopter helps nab suspected iPhone thief

In a scene resembling the chase for O.J. and his white Bronco, a police helicopter assists in following an Australian teen suspected of stealing an iPhone.

By 17 December 2010


Big North Sea wind farm to power up Munich

Swedish energy company, German utility team up on billion-dollar project to provide electricity to Munich's subway system and thousands of homes.

By 22 October 2010


Microsoft tries to reinvent the bar code

Like a modern-day CueCat, Microsoft's Tag technology uses a cell phone camera to read bar codes linking printed materials to online content.

By 1 February 2010


Road Trip pic of the day, 7/19: Where is this?

What is this giant mountaintop structure, and where is it located? On Road Trip 2009, CNET News reporter Daniel Terdiman visited it, and now your challenge is to be first to send in the correct answers.

By 20 July 2009