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Upgraded traffic messaging due Q3 2010

In Q3 2010, Suna will launch an upgraded traffic messaging service for capital cities across Australia incorporating data from potentially thousands of live probe vehicles. We spoke to Intelematics CEO Adam Game about what's in store.

By 22 April 2010


Ask Us: What is traffic messaging?

It sounds awfully like someone sending text messages with traffic updates, but it's not quite like that. CNET Australia answers the question: what is traffic messaging?

By 5 August 2009


Clear Channel traffic gets a jump on XM

Clear Channel's Total Traffic Network adds 15 coverage areas, increasing its total to 95 over XM's 80.

By 19 August 2008


GPS traffic messaging FAQ

Traffic messaging for sat nav devices is now available for residents along Australia's eastern seaboard. But what is it? What does it do? Which devices have it? And is it any good?

By 19 November 2008


Suna's traffic messaging service now in Sydney and Brisbane

Suna, today, launched its traffic messaging service for Sydney and Brisbane motorists, which has been available to Melbournians since late 2007.

By 13 August 2008


Sydney and Brisbane to get traffic messaging Suna rather than later

GPS navigators routing around traffic is common in Europe and North America and, finally, it's going to hit the big time in Australia too.

By 26 June 2008


BMW recruits Clear Channel to offer live traffic service as standard on '07 models

BMW recruits Clear Channel to offer live traffic service as standard on '07 models

By 8 September 2006


Russell Brand apologises... to Mac users

Russell Brand is apologising again -- but this time it wasn't really his fault. He's one of the Channel 4 stars now on 4oD with a message for Mac users

By 9 April 2009


Israel brings Gaza airstrikes to the Web

The IDF has created its own YouTube channel carrying videos of its air assault against Hamas militants, and is using Twitter to spread its message.

By 4 January 2009


Mac AirPort issue: Network traffic reduction measures in effect

MacFixIt reader Rick Z. writes to let us in on a tip he used to get rid of a console message he noticed when waking his MacMini from sleep - network traffic reduction measures in effect.

By 24 June 2009