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After Thailand's coup, a stifling of online dissent (Q&A)

A Thai correspondent speaks to CNET about the junta's efforts to clamp down on the use of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and more.

By 13 June 2014


@Speed Garage: Thailand's classic car safehouse

"A" is the kind of car collector a of us wish we could be. With a passion for Japanese classics he has built up one of the most impressive collections in Thailand. We spoke to him about his cars and his passion.

26 October 2013


@Speed Garage: Thailand's classic car safehouse

A is a man with a passion for cars. He's built himself a garage that he can truly call home. Somewhere to chill with his friends, work on his cars and play.

By 26 October 2013


Thailand to Twitter: We welcome your local-ban policy

The country's Information and Communication Technology Ministry says it will work with Twitter to ensure tweets disseminated in the country are in compliance with local laws.

By 31 January 2012


Flooding in Thailand will dampen Microsoft's results

The software giant said floods in Thailand will cut PC shipments more drastically than previously believed.

By 19 January 2012


Micron: Thailand causing demand pick-up for SSDs

Demand for solid-state drives is increasing in the wake of the flooding in Thailand, which has caused a shortage of hard disk drives.

By 1 December 2011


GM opens new state-of-the-art diesel engine plant in Rayong, Thailand

General Motors on Friday opened a new $200 million diesel engine plant in Rayong, Thailand. The plant is GM's most significant power-train investment in Southeast Asia to date.

By 13 September 2011


Sony Thailand site used for phishing

The hack--not connected to Sony's problems with its PlayStation Network--has placed a phishing Web page on the Sony Thailand site, according to F-Secure.

By 21 May 2011


Thailand reopens YouTube access, but with limits

The government has agreed to unblock the popular video-sharing site after a flap involving videos mocking its king, saying YouTube has agreed in turn to block videos flagged as illegal.

By 31 August 2007


Meet the year's most-Instagrammed locations

Locations in New York, California and Thailand lead the way.

By 28 December 2012