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Searchable scanners may be your best friend this tax season

No more stacks of paper! Get everything organized and neatly stored on your computer.

By 20 January 2016


Apple to pay a reported $350 million to settle Italian tax dispute

The deal between Apple and tax authorities in Italy settles a disagreement over more than $1 billion in revenue dating back to 2013.

By 31 December 2015


Apple's Tim Cook calls overseas tax rap 'political crap'

The tech giant's CEO rejects the idea that his company is scheming to pay little or no taxes on its overseas revenues.

By 19 December 2015


"Staying download vegan": iiNet case closes, UberX opens and taxes avoided (Girt by CNET Podcast 54)

Have the credits finally rolled on the Dallas Buyers Club piracy case? Plus, UberX gets the green light in NSW and the ATO names and shames the tech tax dodgers.

By 18 December 2015


ATO exposes tech titan tax records

After years of Government scrutiny over corporate tax avoidance, the ATO has released the tax files of Australia's top tech companies, revealing just how little the likes of Apple and Google pay each year.

By 17 December 2015


Airbnb's ads tax San Francisco's patience

Technically Incorrect: The home rental service decides to suggest how local authorities should spend $12 million in tax money. It didn't go over so well.

By 23 October 2015


Facebook paid £4,327 in UK corporate tax in 2014

The social network's UK branch paid less in corporation tax than the country's average worker pays in income tax, following a trend of Silicon Valley behemoths avoiding the taxman.

By 13 October 2015


Blistering 4G speeds, a casual approach to tax and iOS 9 (Girt by CNET podcast 42)

Telstra and Optus upgrade their 4G to ludicrous speed, the ATO says "please" when it comes to GST from overseas companies and Apple adds a little something to the keyboard in iOS 9.

By 18 September 2015


Apple China hit with $10 million fine after underpaying taxes

The Californian tech giant's Chinese subsidiary was made to cough up around $80 million after underpaying its tax in 2013.

By 11 September 2015


IRS declines to rule on tax status of Yahoo spinoff

Lack of decision could hinder the spin off of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Yahoo says it's still working on a plan.

By 9 September 2015