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Amazon Fire Phone to arrive July 25 at $199 for 32GB, $299 for 64GB on AT&T

Amazon's Fire Phone is priced competitively with the Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5, but comes with 12 months of Amazon Prime for free.

By 19 June 2014


AT&T adds 32GB Nokia Lumia 1520 to its lineup

The 32GB version of the Windows Phone handset costs $250 with the usual two-year contract.

By 11 January 2014


AT&T offers $99 HTC One 32GB package in error

The new promotion cut the price of the 32GB HTC One and kicked in a portable Bluetooth speaker, but it was all a mistake made by AT&T.

By 8 June 2013


AT&T to offer 32GB Galaxy S4 on May 10

AT&T customers can nab the superphone for about $250 with contract.

By 7 May 2013


Arcam FMJ T32

The Arcam is a pricey but downright fine-sounding DAB radio tuner for the discerning radio enthusiast.

By 15 May 2009

4 stars Editors' rating 15 May 2009

Typical price: $1,898.00


Sharp TU-T2, TU-T2HR32 tuners seek silver and bronze in Freeview HD race

Humax took gold in the race to bring a Freeview HD tuner to market, but two Sharp tuners are suffering terrible jogger's nipple in their bid to come second and third

By 11 March 2010


AT&T activates 3.2 million iPhones in quarter

Telecom giant posts a better-than-expected third quarter, with wireless powering sales and the iPhone marking its largest quarterly activation total to date.

By 23 October 2009


Mein Gott! 32GB iPhone leaked on T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria has quickly yanked a 32GB iPhone placeholder graphic from its 'coming soon' section, suggesting that a capacity bump is on its way for the messiah phone

By 23 May 2009


Sony Bravia HX703, NX803, EX703: First TVs with Freeview HD on sale this week

Sony has announced it'll be the first company to sell Freeview HD televisions in the UK with its new range apparently hitting shops this week

By 3 March 2010


Vizio VO32L LCD isn't the cheapest, but it's solid

CNET reviews the Vizio VO32L 32-inch LCD.

By 30 September 2008