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Sygic Mobile Maps for iPhone

With its latest update, Mobile Maps has become our favourite iPhone nav app, but we still have reservations about using the iPhone as a GPS navigator.

By 27 October 2009

4 stars Editors' rating 27 October 2009

Typical price: $79.99


Jeep Cherokee tackles the trail like no competitor but stumbles on the road (CNET On Cars, Episode 39)

Jeep Cherokee tackles the trail like no competitor but stumbles on the road; we explain CarPlay and look ahead to its challengers; and Top 5 American-made cars.

By 1 March 2014


Hands on with Sygic Aura GPS app for Android

Sygic's Aura app features beautiful maps with 3D buildings and terrain data, but is it worth the cost of admission? CNET's Antuan Goodwin goes hands-on.

By 16 February 2011


Can dataless smartphones still use GPS navigation apps?

In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains how to turn a smartphone into a personal navigation device, even without a data connection.

By 13 March 2013


Apple launches 'find maps' list in App Store

Apple is pushing users towards alternatives to its own Maps app with a new section in the App Store that highlights competitors.

By 29 September 2012


Navigation apps may be free, but portable GPS units still rule

Many smartphones offer free sat nav applications, but we're still buying dedicated nav devices by the container load. We take a look into the issues around their use, and compare free and paid apps against against GPS units.

By 17 August 2012


Android Atlas Weekly 36: The battle of the Android form factors (podcast)

We sift through the bucket loads of Mobile World Congress news for precious Android nuggets, including hardware news, new form factors, and a few ways to view and edit video content on future Android devices. All of that and the Android guys Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin have a little too much fun with the Androidify app on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

By 18 February 2011


GPS deals for Christmas

It's Christmas and the season for giving, whether it be to loved ones or oneself. We check out what deals GPS makers are willing to make to separate us from our cash.

By 22 December 2009


iPhone sat-nav apps tested: On your bike

iPhone sat-navs are burning up iTunes, but how do they stack up to testing? We mounted our bicycles and hit the open road to pit them against each other and the free alternative, Google Maps

By 10 October 2009


TomTom app launches on App Store

Navigation powerhouse TomTom has finally launched its iPhone application after more than a year of rumours about the project being in development.

By 17 August 2009