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We made a Steve Jobs supercut for Apple's 40th birthday

See the big moments when Apple took the stage to announce some of its greatest products.

1 April 2016


Highlights from Apple's spring event (supercut)

Apple announces a smaller iPhone, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and updates to its Watch, TV and iOS 9.3 software. Catch up with all the news in this supercut.

22 March 2016


Supercut video kicks butt with 12 years of 'MythBusters'

This montage is full of explosions, evil laughter, car crashes, underwater adventures, skydiving and abuse of test dummy Buster.

By 11 March 2016


Supercut celebrates Oscar winners for jaw-dropping visual effects

Watch this video to see how far visual effects in movies have evolved, from the silent-film era to present day.

By 23 February 2016


'Game of Thrones' supercut lends weight to popular fan theory

There are a few theories out there about Jon Snow's true parents, and as this supercut shows, "Game of Thrones" may have been dropping hints all along the way.

By 5 December 2015


Luke Skywalker's kill count nears 370,000 in Star Wars supercut

And you thought Darth Vader was destructive. A supercut video of a famous Jedi's kill count really racks up the numbers.

By 19 November 2015


Watch this 'Star Wars: Force Awakens' supercut trailer, get chills

A must-see supercut video for "The Force Awakens" gathers all three trailers and some Comic-Con clips together into one ultimate master-trailer.

By 24 October 2015


Watch all Darth Vader's kills in this impressive 'Star Wars' supercut

Lightsabers, TIE fighter blasts and force-chokes are all on display in this fan-made supercut. And yes, Anakin is included too. He's worse than you'd think.

By 21 October 2015


Watch Batman's kill count rise in this supercut video

Video depicting the movie version of Batman wiping out criminals reminds us all never to get on the Caped Crusader's bad side. Also, stay clear of his reckless driving.

By 28 August 2015


Watch the rise and fall of the Baratheons in one fan-made supercut

HBO's "Game of Thrones" began with one Baratheon on the Iron Throne and two others on the Small Council. This fan-made video shows the rise and fall of the once-great house of Westeros.

By 5 August 2015