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Today's Safari flops on Apple's new browser speed tests

Apple's browser doesn't do so well in new performance benchmarks, but expect the next-gen version to do better. Also: Why Apple likes a certain Mozilla technology.

By 7 June 2014


Microsoft Surface Pro 2 versus the competition

The Surface Pro 2 starts at $899, but an optimal configuration will cost $1,129. What else will that investment buy?

By 24 September 2013


Dell Studio Xps 7100

Dell configured the all-AMD Studio XPS 7100 squarely at gamers, throwing in a powerful 3D card to offset the slow six-core AMD CPU. The result is a fast gaming PC with well-rounded features for an affordable price thanks to a two-month-long special offer. Get it while you can and enjoy fast PC gaming at a great price.

12 June 2010


Whoa. I should have upgraded to an SSD last year

A solid-state drive nearly quintupled storage performance and breathed new life into Stephen Shankland's laptop. The storage capacity is small, but it's an upgrade you should consider, too.

By 25 January 2013


Installing Windows 8: the pain, the poetry, the pleasure

It's never easy to install an operating system from scratch, but CNET's Stephen Shankland found Microsoft's newest operating system gave new life to his 3-year-old PC.

By 1 November 2012


How the Mac finally won me away from Windows

After two decades of using Windows, the Mac -- with a little help from the Web -- wins away a user.

By 22 June 2012


Dell gets in on Intel's new CPUs<br /> with Studio XPS 8000, 9000 desktops

Dell introduces new Core i7 and Core i5-based Studio XPS 8000 and 9000 PCs

By 9 September 2009


Dell Studio XPS 435

The Dell Studio XPS 435 successfully overcomes our bias against desktops that claim to be experts at everything through charming case design and a strong configuration at a relatively fair price. It misses greatness because of a handful of minor missteps, but if you need a do-it-all mainstream tower system, this Dell more or less covers all the bases.

27 August 2009


Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop shipping with Ubuntu

Dell is now offering the Studio XPS 13 laptop with Ubuntu Linux. If only it explained the benefits of running Linux instead of Windows.

By 25 May 2009


Dell Studio XPS 435: Future-proof PC

The new Dell Studio XPS 435 is a sleek desktop with all sorts of upgrade options to expand storage, so in future you can turn it into a Frankenstein's monster of a multimedia PC

4 Images By 28 April 2009