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Roku still tops as sales of streaming-media players rise

Ten percent of US households with a broadband connection purchased a streaming-media device in the first nine months of this year, already matching last year's tally.

By 3 December 2014


4K Blu-ray discs arriving in 2015 to fight streaming media

Those who want movies with the very highest quality will be keen on 4K Blu-ray's better resolution, color, and dynamic range. Yet millions seem happy with streaming video, despite its shortcomings.

By 6 September 2014


Stream media to a Roku from a laptop

Learn how to wirelessly browse and stream your home computer's media collection to your Roku, for free.

By 22 March 2014


Stream media from your Galaxy S3 to a Samsung Smart TV

Beam photos, music, and videos from your Samsung smartphone -- or tablet -- to your Samsung Smart TV with AllShare Play.

By 7 March 2013


Stream media from your Galaxy S3 to a Samsung TV

Samsung's AllShare app lets you stream content among phones, computers, smart TVs, and more. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to sync up a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a smart TV.

By 6 March 2013


Stream media to your iPhone or iPad with Skifta

There are kinks to be ironed out, but Skifta holds some promise for streaming photos, videos, and music to your iOS device from remote sources.

By 1 February 2013


Panasonic rolls out streaming-media boxes

At CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Panasonic takes on Roku with the announcement of two new streaming-media devices.

By 12 January 2013


Google Nexus Q streaming-media player

Google's Nexus Q is a funky, orb-shaped media hub that lets you stream movies, music, and more from Android devices to your TV and speakers.

By 30 June 2012


Google announces Nexus Q, streaming-media ball

Google shows off an orblike streaming-media device at Google I/O in San Francisco. The new box aims to act as a bridge between Android tablets and smartphones, and your TV. The gadget will cost $300.

28 June 2012


Google Nexus Q is a social streaming media player

Google's Nexus Q is a new social streaming media player -- a round black sphere that streams the music and videos you store online.

By 28 June 2012