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SteamOS is free on your TV, Steam Box could be tomorrow

Gaming on your TV could get a whole lot cheaper with SteamOS, a new free operating system designed to put the biggest games on your telly.

By 24 September 2013


Valve teases possible Steam Box announcement

Valve has launched a teaser page for a "Steam in the living room" announcement. Is the Steam Box finally on the way?

By 23 September 2013


Valve denies involvement in Xi3 Piston 'Steam Box'

Turns out the US$999 "Steam Box" from Xi3 might be less steamy than originally expected.

By 13 March 2013


The Piston Steam Box will start at US$1000

Xi3 is taking pre-orders for the Piston PC, its so-called Steam Box, for shipping by "holidays 2013".

By 11 March 2013


Valve's Steam Box ready for testing in 'three to four months'

That's the word from Valve CEO Gabe Newell, who wants to hand out prototypes to some customers.

By 7 March 2013


Steam Box prototypes ready in 'months', Gabe Newell says

The upcoming console from Valve still has kinks to iron out, the newly BAFTA'd Half-Life creator says.

By 6 March 2013


Steam Box prototypes out in '3 to 4 months'

Gabe Newell has revealed that the Steam Box is just around the corner and hinted that Valve may be working on biometric controllers.

By 6 March 2013


Has Infinity Ward shown off the Steam Box?

Images from Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward shows a self-branded version of what appears to be the Xi3 Piston Steam Box.

By 4 March 2013


Newell: Steam Box's challenge will come from Apple, not consoles

The Valve co-founder told uni students that Apple will be the greatest danger for the Steam Box being a success in the lounge room.

By 31 January 2013


Valve, Xi3 and the Steam Box: should consoles be scared?

Piston, the Valve-funded gaming PC from Xi3, could be the big Steam Box-style break that the Big Picture was designed for.

By 17 January 2013