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Japan April Fools: Squid e-readers, flipping Google glasses

Catch up on your favorite manga series with a squid reader from Kodansha. Yep, it's just a fish tale.

By 2 April 2013


Squid goes insane in the membrane

What happens when you play Cypress Hill to a squid?

By 24 August 2012


App of the Day: Squids

ArtRage, the popular painting app for the iPad, has been scaled down for the iPhone's screen.

By 5 April 2012


CineSquid tripod has legs, and knows how to use them

The CineSquid tripod system sucks, but not in a bad way. See how this accessory lets you capture unique angles with your camera.

By 24 February 2012


Soft-bodied robot moves like a squid

Researchers at Harvard University present a squid-like mechanized device that looks like a modern-day Gumby.

By 30 November 2011


Scott Beale on 15 years of Laughing Squid (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: Over the last 15 years, Scott Beale has turned Laughing Squid into one of the most important places to find out and see what's going on in tech and interactive culture.

By 17 November 2010


Philips SPR550BN: The squid of power awaits you

If you need to tidy up the area behind your TV and protect your equipment from an electrical surge, might we suggest you use a squid? A power squid that is, not the soft sea creature

By 23 October 2008


Philips SPR550BN: The squid of power awaits you

An oceanic take on the humble power adapter.

By 24 October 2008


SquidNote reimagines the office greeting card

Make a group greeting card the easy way with SquidNote.

By 13 February 2008


Monster story: squid vid

By 23 December 2006