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Square Enix announces Collective for crowdfunding games

Think Steam Greenlight meets crowdfunding: Square Enix's new initiative will allow independent developers to get crowdsourced feedback on pitches before taking to Indiegogo for funding.

By 9 October 2013


Square Enix president steps down

Yoichi Wada has resigned from his position in the wake of the company forecasting an "extraordinary loss" in revenue and poor sales of games such as Tomb Raider.

By 27 March 2013


Square Enix considers same-sex marriage for Final Fantasy XIV

Publisher calls same-sex marriage an "extremely controversial topic," says it will consider feedback from players before making final decision.

By 21 November 2012


Square Enix pulls rug from under Chrono sequel

Maker of Chrono Trigger sends cease-and-desist letter to developers making a "true" sequel called Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.

By 14 May 2009


Square Enix releases role-playing game for iPod

The game is controlled by the click wheel (what else is there, anyway?) and is said to be as easy as selecting music.

By 9 July 2008


Square Enix agrees: PlayStation 3 is in big trouble

Game maker's president says that Sony really doesn't know how to market the PlayStation 3. If he's right, is there any hope?

By 8 September 2007


New Square Enix online store opened

It's late and I'm tired, but I wanted to let everyone know that the new official Square Enix store is officially opened for business.

By 21 August 2007


Straight from Square Enix: FFXIII and more

Straight from Square Enix: FFXIII and more

By 12 May 2006


Ouya teaming up with Wikipad to expand indie game app store

The deal marks the latest agreement in its "Ouya Everywhere" effort, helping the company expand beyond the TV.

By 29 July 2014


At E3 2014, Microsoft's Xbox One focus is all about games

Microsoft dedicated its Xbox One press conference to assuring players that it's not the company that trotted out a controversial console last year. This time, games come first.

By 10 June 2014