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Hubble telescope spots Space Invader in space

The Hubble Space Telescope takes a gander at a faraway cluster of galaxies and snaps a picture that looks suspiciously like a Space Invaders villain.

By 6 March 2013


Enjoy Space Invaders on a mini arcade machine

Despite its small size, we wouldn't mind risking finger cramps to enjoy some good old alien blasting on this little arcade console.

By 9 July 2011


Create a retro game console with the Raspberry Pi

Play classic games like Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders, and more with this fun do-it-yourself project.

By 6 March 2014


'Space Invaders' in Manhattan

Strange sights are commonplace in Manhattan, but a giant game of "Space Invaders" projected on the side of a building is still guaranteed to turn a few heads. Such was the case on Friday, Sept. 22, when a five-story-tall version of the classic video game was one of the kickoff events at the inaugural Come Out and Play Festival, a celebration of the growing trend of street games. CNET News.com was there for the action.

2 November 2007


The iPhone's best neo-retro game: Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Taito's reimagining of its arcade classic is absolutely worth its $4.99 price.

By 31 July 2009


Space Invaders Infinity Gene (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Taito's re-imagining of their arcade classic might be the best iPhone retro game yet.

10 Images By 31 July 2009


Japanese space underwear set to invade Earth?

Will long-lasting underwear being tested aboard the International Space Station become widely used? Not if this journalist can help it.

By 25 March 2009


Former Alienware developer invades the customized-PC space

New company, NVousPC, specializes in notebooks with personalized designs. But is there room for another enthusiast PC company?

By 29 August 2007


Space Invaders keep your neck warm, hide hickeys

Scarf comes in a variety of colors, depicts Space Invaders characters.

By 29 November 2006