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Google readies social news magazine app

Propeller is reported to be Google's first foray into social-news magazine apps.

By 16 September 2011


Huffington Post, Facebook sync up on social news

In a rare official partnership for the social network, Facebook Connect comes to the Huffington Post to fuel its new HuffPost Social News service.

By 17 August 2009


Reddit now lets you create your own social news site

Now open-source, the Conde Nast-owned company opts to allow developers to co-opt its technology for third-party sites. It might not push it up to rival Digg's level, but it's a nice move.

By 27 August 2008


OurSignal puts the follies of social news all in one place

Looking for the Top 10 Worst Cartoon Porn Movies of all time? Perfect. But if you're in search of real news, this won't help you much.

By 19 June 2008


Kluster launches social-news site

Giving users a cut of the Knewsroom ad revenue is an interesting new take on social news, but Kluster is a small site without the eyes to pull in that revenue.

By 15 May 2008


Little things to Buzz about: Yahoo tweaks social-news service

Widgets and RSS feeds are among the minor additions to the Yahoo Buzz beta.

By 2 May 2008


Social news aggregator Tiinker uses the power of suggestion

Can machine learning for news have a human side? Find out with Tiinker, a machine learning based news aggregator.

By 12 January 2008


Social News: Spotplex gets an update

Today, Spotplex pushed a new version of its news and analytics service live.

By 8 November 2007


PicUrls does social news in pictures

Want to see the social news in pictures? Check out PicUrls!

By 15 October 2007


MSNBC buys social news site Newsvine

MSNBC now owns Newsvine; find out what's changing and what's not about the popular social news site.

By 8 October 2007