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Nanoleaf Smarter Kit

These are attractive bulbs that work well, but we're waiting for deeper integration with HomeKit before buying in.

By 10 December 2015

3.5 stars Editors' rating 10 December 2015

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Smarter iKettle 2.0

With built-in wireless networking and robotic intelligence the Smarter Kettle 2.0 tracks traffic and alarms to boil water precisely when you want it.

By 3 September 2015

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Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

The Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine combines "bean-to-brew" technology with a connected companion app so you can make your morning cuppa from bed.

By 3 January 2015

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Google search is about to get a lot smarter

The company's go-to guy for artificial intelligence is taking over its biggest business as its current search boss retires.

By 4 February 2016


Advanced lights help everyone sleep better in our Smart Home

Give that special tyke in your life smart lights for taking fearless late night bathroom breaks.

By 1 February 2016


GarageBand for iOS adds new loop tools and a smarter drummer

Arrange and play samples with the new Live Loops interface, or let AI drummers add a human touch.

By 21 January 2016


Whirlpool's smart fridge promises smarter storage

This Nest-compatible smart French door refrigerator has its own app, but Whirlpool's putting its storage capabilities front and center.

By 6 January 2016


Smarter brings three new kitchen gadgets to Las Vegas

The British startup's newest devices are designed to bring some intelligence to the way you manage groceries.

By 6 January 2016


Three new connected gadgets for a Smarter kitchen (pictures)

With three new gadgets on display at CES, British startup Smarter sees a bright future for the modern kitchen.

8 Images By 5 January 2016


Smarter wants to smarten up your dumb kitchen

The British startup has a trio of new smart gadgets designed to bring new intelligence to the way you manage your groceries. And it promises they'll work with Apple HomeKit.

By 5 January 2016