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Exposure Pro: Alexia Sinclair

Digital artist and photographer Alexia Sinclair presents a selection of her spectacular historical portraits series, and talks about her work on Exposure Pro.

12 Images By 16 April 2012


Exposure Pro: Alexia Sinclair

16 April 2012


Sinclair X-1: Father of the ZX Spectrum and C5 reveals new electric vehicle

Clive Sinclair is at it again. The British entrepreneur famed for inventing the ZX Spectrum, is currently turning his attention to building a follow-up to the Sinclair C5 electric... er... vehicle.

By 5 November 2010


App of the Day: Homage

Explore the beautiful photography of Australian artist Alexia Sinclair.

By 12 June 2012


Loaded with gadgets, British rower halfway to Hawaii

This story initially had the incorrect model of the Sinclair computer. It was a ZX81.

By 14 August 2008


Batch upload photos to Pinterest with Pinloadr

Frustrated with the lack of batch uploading to Pinterest? This simple solution ensures you can spend more time pinning and less time pining.

By 4 October 2013


Three wheels bad, two wheels good

Today's commute has been brought to you by Sir Clive Sinclair and the letter A -- the ride of your life on a collapsible bike the size of a large umbrella

By 14 July 2006


Unread for iOS

Unread is an excellent option for reading stories without distraction, but steer clear unless you don't mind doing some extra work, or already have your RSS feeds set up with another service.

6 February 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating 6 February 2014

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Section 18C: How will online speech change in Australia?

As the Australian Government considers a repeal of Section 18C of its Racial Discrimination Act, we speak to experts about how such a change could effect racist speech online.

By 23 June 2014


Tech Time Machine: 5 March

Without this day in tech, we mightn't be surfing the web on desktop PCs or talking into our iPhones. Yes, 5 March is a truly a momentous day in technology.

By 5 March 2012