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Oculus Rift and CXC Simulations: a match made in VR racing heaven

The makers of the most impressive home racing simulator we've tested join forces with a leader in VR tech to push digital racing realism to new heights.

By 5 July 2016


Beechwood speaker simulates the resonance of vinyl records

The Louis speaker by New Black is inspired by analog sound and works completely free of electronics.

By 26 May 2016


Flying a 747 simulator (pictures)

Go inside the British Airways pilot training center and soar above London in a Boeing 747 simulator.

22 Images By 20 April 2016


Death simulator lets you experience what it's like to be cremated

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to die, a new attraction in Shanghai aims to demystify the process.

By 7 April 2016


We bring you peas: Vegetables grown in simulated Mars dirt

An experiment to test the viability of growing food on the Red Planet has resulted in successful crops of 10 different vegetables.

By 9 March 2016


Logitech's G920 Driving Force racing wheel offers the ultimate in high-octane simulation

Jeff Bakalar takes Logitech's G920 Driving Force steering wheel for a spin with Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One. It's expensive, but racing enthusiasts don't need to look any further.

By 7 November 2015


How one company simulated the Simpson-Goldman murders

Computer simulations like this one, which aired on CNET 20 years ago, are now commonplace and much more advanced. But back when OJ Simpson was on trial for the Simpson-Goldman murders, this was truly cutting edge.

3 October 2015


Using VR with a cable-suspended, precision-motion roll cage looks like a blast (Tomorrow Daily 249)

We already can't wait for VR headsets to hit retail shelves en masse, but this huge parallel cable robot with VR simulation makes us even more excited about the future of virtual reality. Bonus: its creators think it could go beyond games and into teaching, research and medical studies.

By 30 September 2015


'CableRobot' combines VR simulations and precision motion (Tomorrow Daily 249)

Ashley checks out a parallel cable robot using VR to offer incredible virtual experiences, enjoys watching five men control a single shark balloon with their minds and explains how gels might help scientists 3D print complicated biological structures.

By 30 September 2015


Flying an Airbus A380 like a fighter jet

To fly the world's largest airliner you need courage, patience and the skill to master a small control stick.

By 12 July 2016