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Bracelet and rings translate sign language

A concept bracelet and rings set uses motion sensors and an LED display to translate sign language.

By 22 November 2013


Cool Kinect move: Reading sign language in real time

Here's another example of how the Kinect works great as a low-cost Swiss Army Knife for human and computer interaction: the multicamera device reads sign language like a champ.

By 19 July 2013


Smart glove gives voice to sign language gestures

A prototype solar-powered sensory glove captures sign language hand movements and translates them through text and voice.

By 19 September 2012


Google+ video hangouts adds sign language feature

Google+ now lets you 'take the floor' for video hangouts, allowing those using sign language to be seen more clearly than in a thumbnail.

By 11 September 2011


Future infotainment systems may read sign language

A new technology is being developed that could let drivers interact with their in-dash systems using finger gestures.

By 11 February 2011


Engineers test sign language on cell phones

University of Washington researchers are testing a tool called MobileASL that uses motion detection to identify American Sign Language and transmit images over U.S. cell networks.

By 17 August 2010


Storybook app first to include sign language mode

An iStoryTime iPad app for the children's book "Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy" is the first to include a sign language mode for deaf children, and costs $2.99.

By 13 August 2010


3D could mean better grasp on sign language

Hitachi researcher is working on a prototype that teaches sign language using 3D animation.

By 18 July 2008


GPS device adds sign language to virtual tours

The "GPS Ranger" also has a captioning option.

By 22 March 2008


Sign language a step closer to phones

Video-compression technology reads skin algorithms

By 27 February 2007