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'Cloud Atlas' author publishes short story using Twitter

Author David Mitchell has released a new short story called "The Right Sort" piecemeal, less than 140 characters at a time.

By 21 July 2014


'Colossal' collection: 2,222 short stories for iPhone

Like to read? Here's your chance to pocket some of the world's greatest short fiction from authors like Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde.

By 9 December 2009


Short Story Sunday-- June

A short science-fiction story.

By 30 July 2007


On Connu, famous authors help you find new writers

Web and iOS app Connu curates short stories from up-and-coming authors, with recommendations from some of today's best-selling writers.

By 18 January 2014


Amazon's short story

By 27 August 2005


Tales2Go: Get on-demand audiobooks for children

Tales2Go is a killer app that serves up hundreds of novels and short stories, all of them suitable for prekindergarteners, preteens, and everyone in between.

By 10 February 2010


Cosmic Wii story wins film festival

A film about the Wii won the first Nintendo Short Stories contest

By 19 June 2007


Digg to get a software-free toolbar

Stories submitted to Digg.com are getting their own short URLs and a toolbar that comes along with the story, without the user having to have software installed.

By 27 February 2009


Get 9 free audiobook MP3s from Barnes & Noble

Heard any good books lately? Here's your chance to hear eight short stories from well-known authors and one complete novel from no less than Mark Twain, all free for the download.

By 23 April 2009


Save and share stories with friends using YokWay

Find and share stories alone or in groups with YokWay, a simple and easy-to-use content-sharing site that's just short of being useful in today's crowded aggregation market.

By 19 July 2008