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Asus ZenFone Selfie

The ZenFone Selfie is an ambitious phone with an interesting camera feature, but performance issues stand in the way of unlocking the camera's full potential. Most buyers should keep looking.

By 9 October 2015

3 stars Editors' rating 9 October 2015

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Selfie sculpture as public art inflames selfie-haters

A Texas town installs a sculpture of two girls engaged in the common but sometimes divisive activity of taking a selfie. It's not a sign of the end times, but you wouldn't know it from the reaction.

By 7 June 2016


15 uses for your phone's camera (other than taking selfies)

The camera is the Swiss Army Knife of your phone. Use it to its fullest potential with these tips.

15 Images By 11 July 2016


​GoPro found in water with intact footage of a crab selfie

Watch video of underwater life captured on a lost GoPro found by a fisherman.

By 10 July 2016


A new pain in the tech: Selfie elbow

Technically Incorrect: It seems that those who love taking a lot of selfies are finding themselves hurt in the process.

By 7 July 2016


Man builds world's longest selfie stick, takes awful selfie

Technically Incorrect: A British man is determined to be a world record holder. And what a record to aspire to.

By 27 February 2016


The Roam-e Flying Selfie drone camera from Australia takes 360-degree shots

The future of hands-free selfies has arrived, thanks to this flying drone camera that uses facial recognition to follow you around.

By 28 June 2016


Five ways to take better selfies (without the stick)

Tired of blurry, badly framed, poorly lit selfies? Follow these tips to improve the quality of your personal portraits.

By 17 June 2016


NOAA: Please don't take selfies with the seals

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has asked enthusiastic beachgoers to stay away from the wildlife.

By 1 June 2016


Man killed by walrus he took a selfie with, report says

Walrus reportedly drags selfie-taker into a pool. He drowns, and so does the zookeeper who tried to save him, Chinese media says.

By 26 May 2016