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'Invisibility' cloak could dampen blow from earthquakes

Researchers say giant rubber cylinders coated with special wave-scattering materials could act as a "seismic waveguide" and dissipate the punch from earthquakes.

By 16 February 2012


Check the time--and the next earthquake

Citizen's "Seismic Watch" concept is a portable detector.

By 16 October 2007


Catch quakes with your laptop

Laptop accelerometers are being recruited by scientists who study seismic activity.

By 4 April 2008


Building a bridge that's ready for the big one

Construction of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is incorporating seismic innovations that engineers hope will help it stand up to the next big earthquake.

By 4 March 2010


North Korea confirms third nuclear test

The reclusive country confirmed today that a 5.1-magnitude earthquake was the result of a nuclear test, and apparently this explosion was more powerful than the earlier two.

By 12 February 2013


SF Bay Bridge sliding in new section

Over the Labor Day weekend, the Bay Bridge will have a whole chunk of its eastern span destroyed and a new section put in as part of a major seismic retrofit project. CNET News.com's Daniel Terdiman talks through the details as an artist's rendition of the project is displayed.

2 November 2007


Giant rooftop pendulums to cut quake shaking in Tokyo

The Big One is due in Tokyo, but 300-ton pendulums on rooftops of tall buildings could cut shaking by 60 percent.

By 1 August 2013


iPhone 5S users gobble up the most data, says study

iPhone and iPad owners in general chew up the most data, but Samsung device owners also get their fill, according to a report from JDSU.

By 24 January 2014


Scientists make a Mini Mars to mimic Red Planet dust

Martian dust can wreak havoc with sensitive equipment, so researchers have created a chamber that lets them simulate the Martian surface -- dust and all -- before that equipment heads to the Red Planet.

By 26 March 2014


Where do Apple rumors come from? Digitimes explains

Digitimes Research sheds some light on the the Apple supply chain -- the source of many a rumor -- before the release of the product.

By 23 February 2014