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Sega Mega Drive named best retro console

The Sega Mega Drive has been named the most popular retro games console, narrowly beating the Nintendo 64 in classic console combat.

By 25 January 2012


Sega Mega Drive Handheld: Nostalgia takes a price cut

Old-skool gamers rejoice: Blaze International is flogging a handheld version of the Sega Mega Drive console, complete with built-in games, for just £30

By 28 July 2008


A song about old tech, played on old tech

Filmmaker James Houston rigs together a bunch of old gadgets to play a song by musician Julian Corrie bidding farewell to the tech of yesteryear.

By 27 August 2013


Droid X360: when a split personality is awesome

Meet one of the most audacious pieces of kit we've seen — the Droid X360, a PlayStation Vita knock-off named very closely to the Xbox 360, running on Android and packaged with Nintendo and Sega emulators.

By 25 July 2012


CNET UK Podcast 272: Classic console combat

Cast a misty-eyed glance at your formative gaming years to celebrate the Sega Mega Drive being named the best vintage console ever.

By 28 January 2012


Cha-ching! Tetris cartridge has $1 million price tag

An original, signed copy of the Japanese Mega Drive Tetris game goes up for auction on eBay with a $1 million price tag. The seller is, however, entertaining serious offers for less than that.

By 27 July 2011


Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection: Mega Drive your iPhone

Don't get to whip out your Sega Mega Drive and relive your childhood as often as you'd like? Open your wallet once more and allow Sega's upcoming iPhone app to deliver your fix

By 21 January 2010


It's horror stories like this that will kill 3DTV

Remember how virtual reality was going to be the Next Big Thing? What happened to that? Well, one of the developers of VR technology says it's the same thing that will happen to 3DTV.

By 15 February 2010


Sega Zippo lighters spark nostalgia

Give the PlayStation 3 10 years, and I'm sure it'll be inducted into the Zippo game console hall of fame too.

By 31 October 2009


Doom Resurrection on iPhone--screenshots

You might be expecting Doom on the iPhone to be the latest in an increasingly tedious string of ports of the original game.

By 1 July 2009