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Sega Mega Drive named best retro console

The Sega Mega Drive has been named the most popular retro games console, narrowly beating the Nintendo 64 in classic console combat.

By 25 January 2012


Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection: Mega Drive your iPhone

Don't get to whip out your Sega Mega Drive and relive your childhood as often as you'd like? Open your wallet once more and allow Sega's upcoming iPhone app to deliver your fix

By 21 January 2010


Memorex Mega TravelDrive

The Memorex Mega TravelDrive is a novel combination of large capacity and tiny size, but it's just that: a novelty. Its slow speeds and high per-gigabyte cost (for a hard drive) make it a hard sell.

6 April 2007

2.5 stars Editors' rating 6 April 2007

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Sega Mega Drive Handheld: Nostalgia takes a price cut

Old-skool gamers rejoice: Blaze International is flogging a handheld version of the Sega Mega Drive console, complete with built-in games, for just £30

By 28 July 2008


CNET UK Podcast 272: Classic console combat

Cast a misty-eyed glance at your formative gaming years to celebrate the Sega Mega Drive being named the best vintage console ever.

By 28 January 2012


Photos: Blaze Mega Drive tested

The Mega Drive is back, re-released by Blaze in a smaller, cheaper, £39 incarnation. It's got a bunch of classic titles built-in and we've had one in for testing.

7 Images By 15 May 2009


Memorex ships 12GB Mega TravelDrive

Memorex announces higher capacity Mega TravelDrive at CES 2007.

By 9 January 2007


$116 laser 3D printer lights up Kickstarter

A Canadian start-up makes serious waves on Kickstarter with a cheap photolithographic-based 3D printer, part of a mega effort to drive down costs -- and confusion -- commonly associated with consumer 3D printing.

By 23 September 2013


Earthworm Jim winning Sega poll for next Xbox Live Arcade release

Sega wants to know which ancient Mega Drive game you want it to shove inside an emulator and make you pay for again. This time it's XBLA raking in the cash from your 16-bit nostalgia

By 17 August 2009


Get Spotify Premium free for 60 days

What's better than a 30-day trial? A 60-day trial, of course. Here's your chance to take this mega-popular music service for twice the test-drive.

By 27 October 2012