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Sony Cyber-shot QX100, QX10 are all camera, no screen (pictures)

More attention-grabbers than problem-solvers, the QX100 and QX10 are new twists on the point-and-shoot camera.

17 Images By 5 September 2013


Amazon fires shot at iPad's screen glare, price in new Kindle ad

Amazon doesn't mention the iPad by name, but Apple's tablet makes an appearance, and it's no secret which competitor it's referencing.

By 10 February 2012


iPhone 5 rumours hot up once more with spy shots of larger-screened device

Apple's iPhone 5 plans are under the microscope once again, with reports that the device will have a larger screen and an A5 processor, and even a spy shot of a seemingly new iPhone.

By 26 April 2011


Flat screen shot to death after man loses Facebook bet

A Saints fan tells his Facebook friends they can shoot up his TV if the Saints won. The Saints win, his friends arrive with their guns, and it's all this week's YouTube phenomenon.

By 12 December 2009


Resident Evil 5 Versus screen shots

Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode screen shots

4 Images By 13 March 2009


Sony sells sexy slim screens with smutty shots

Nothing screams "We need to make more money" quite as loudly as a tech company using a leggy model with suspenders and a whip to sell its new ultra-thin TV. Enter Sony

By 3 February 2009


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T77 features 3 inches of touch-screen goodness

Slim $300 Cyber-shot from Sony has a 3-inch touch screen, smile and blink recognition, plus a mode for shooting food.

By 7 August 2008


Utilties Updates: Quickie Web Albums version 4.0; ScreenShot Plus�1.1.3; EasyFind 3.0; more

Utilties Updates: Quickie Web Albums version 4.0; ScreenShot Plus 1.1.3; EasyFind 3.0; more

By 12 December 2003


Rent-to-own firms settle computer spying charges

Rented computers had software on them that was used to surreptitiously log key strokes, capture screen shots and take photos of people who were late on payments, FTC says.

By 26 September 2012