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Flat screen shot to death after man loses Facebook bet

A Saints fan tells his Facebook friends they can shoot up his TV if the Saints won. The Saints win, his friends arrive with their guns, and it's all this week's YouTube phenomenon.

By 12 December 2009


Resident Evil 5 Versus screen shots

Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode screen shots

4 Images By 13 March 2009


Toshiba follows Microsoft with Windows 10 hybrid notebook

Equipped with a high-precision pen, the new DynaPad is designed for taking notes and drawing on the screen and can convert between a laptop and a tablet.

By 14 October 2015


I spy a Nest Cam: Leaked photos shed light on smart home security

Leaked security camera photos suggest that Nest is taking its smart home tech in a new direction.

By 11 June 2015


Microsoft working on new collaboration, project management mobile apps

Flow may not be the only new "mobile first" productivity app Microsoft is building. There may be new, lightweight document collaboration and project management apps in the works, too.

By 22 May 2015


Image: Screen shot of SCO hack

The SCO Group's Web site was apparently attacked Monday morning.

30 November 2004


Sony app leaks Xperia Z4 Tablet ahead of MWC

The unannounced tablet made a quick cameo in the official Xperia Lounge app before being quickly pulled.

By 26 February 2015


Screen shots: Election night gadgets

Among the devices used was a futuristic plasma monitor designed by three technology companies specifically for CBS.

5 November 2004


Screen shots: Mapping an electoral winner

Computer-generated maps showing America dotted with crimson and blue are a common feature on Web pages these days.

3 November 2004