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Cassini provides most detailed image yet of Saturn's titanic storm

The giant storm raging at Saturn's south pole has been revealed in more detail than ever before -- and the storm is more complex than first thought.

By 13 May 2016


NASA tries to shed light on mysterious geyser on Saturn's moon

The Cassini spacecraft looks for clues about the strange plume shooting out of Enceladus as the moon passes in front of Orion's Belt.

By 12 March 2016


NASA craft captures a trio of moons amid Saturn's rings

Tethys, Enceladus and Mimas pose like celestial siblings for a dramatic image just released from the Cassini mission.

By 23 February 2016


Saturn's rings slice a moon in two in lovely optical illusion

The Cassini spacecraft gets a perfect view of Saturn's moon Dione with the planet's rings slicing through the center.

By 17 February 2016


Saturn 'bends' its rings in striking NASA photo

NASA's Cassini spacecraft snaps a mind-boggling view of Saturn's rings looking a little bent out of shape.

By 26 July 2016


NASA shoots for Saturn's moons with dazzling Cassini views (pictures)

Saturn has over 50 named moons and NASA's Cassini spacecraft is busy frolicking among them, sending back eye-catching images of these far-off celestial bodies.

13 Images By 16 December 2015


See Saturn's funky 'potato' moon Prometheus up close

NASA's Cassini spacecraft captures a lovely glamour shot of Saturn's small, irregular moon Prometheus.

By 10 December 2015


Cassini's final mission: Crashing into Saturn

The Saturn probe has officially commenced its countdown for its last mission, showing us intimate details of Saturn as it dies.

By 27 April 2016


See haunting mists shoot from Saturn's geyser moon Enceladus

NASA's Cassini spacecraft recently took a dip into the moon's icy plume. Now, the first dramatic photos are in.

By 31 October 2015


NASA flies into icy plume of Saturn's moon in search of life

Enceladus looks like a big ball of ice, but the mysterious spray near its south pole hints at something more. NASA's Cassini craft flies through a plume and takes a sip.

By 29 October 2015